Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"the pornification of society" and a longing for purity

a friend of mine posted a link to this article, titled fighting a pornified society
after reading it, i couldn't stop thinking about it, and decided to write my response here in my blog.  (if you pop over and check it out, this will make a lot more sense.)

i agree with the author about the hypersexualization of women (and now, unfortunately, children) in our society. 
i think that part of it stems from a deep longing for something good - something pure, even.  (i'm so NOT saying that hypersexualization is good and pure!  read on.) 

i find myself grossed out at the extreme vulgarity and degradation of my generation - and i grew up in it.  for example, people on tv and in movies mention porn as if it's an acceptable pastime, as if it's the norm, for people to fill their eyes and minds with the grossest of garbage.  our society is soaked in filth. 

some friends from school laughed at the idea that patrick and i saved ourselves for each other for marriage, and even implied that patrick must be lying.  as if purity in relationship is impossible.  and while the guys joked and teased, the girls seemed to think it would be really nice to have someone love you that much that they'd wait for you.  underneath the laughter was a deeper longing for something that good, that pure.

and i think that's partly why advertisers and fashion magazines are turning to younger and younger models to sell their products.  children are associated with innocence, and in our creepy society, innocence is as close to purity as we can get.  so when we look at ads with kids, there's a little echo of something good, something unattainable, something unbearably beautiful.  something lost, even.

in sunday school lately, i've been talking with my kids about God's character.  and He is pure.  He is holy.  it's really amazing and comforting to know that the God we worship is not smutty or defiled.  He is perfect, spotless, glorious.

and the amazing thing about Him is that He will transform us into His likeness.
and the purity and the goodness and the loveliness that our society longs for is ours, in Him.  He is altogether lovely.

when i think about everything that's wrong with our society, i get all knotted up and sick to my stomach.  but when i think about Jesus - i am at rest.  He is holy.

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  1. I agree with your post. In my communication ethics class we are discussing "pornification of society." In Charles Ess's Digital Media Ethics book it he talks about how Denmark's point of view on pornification of society is tolerant. They were the first to legalize porn and have a very relaxed view of pornography. The United States still has some people who view pornography as demeaning, most being women who are subjected in these videos. I agree that our society has become one who is nonchalant about pornography.

    Thanks for your post!

    Ess, Charles. Digital Media Ethics. Polity. 2009.