Friday, September 25, 2009

a very lucky woman

ever since we moved, patrick has shown me over and over what a lucky woman i am. one day last week, he walked me to class. this week, i was on my way home from school, and he was there to walk home with me.
this morning, he had planned to walk me to school again, but dan and katie came last night so we stayed up really late hanging out with them. so this morning, i told him it was just fine if he stayed in bed, he said yeah, that's what he wanted to do, so i got ready and left.
i was walking along, listening to my ipod. the sky kept leaking drops of rain - it wasn't raining, exactly, but drops were coming down in fits and starts. since i was alone on the sidewalk, i wasn't really worried about anyone overhearing me singing along with the music. after i crossed bayview, more than halfway to school, i glanced back over my shoulder.
standing there, panting his heart out from the run, was patrick!
i was totally surprised, and he gasped "you forgot something really important! it's under my sweater!" i felt in his hoodie pockets for my puffer - my book - what had i forgotten?
"me!" he exclaimed, putting his arms out.
it was the best hug ever.
my husband is the nicest man in the world. he had run more than half of the way to school. then he walked me the rest of the way to class, kissed me goodbye, and went home.