Monday, March 31, 2014

1581 to 1590

1581. Playdate Monday!
1582. Unplanned walk with the kids.
1583. Chatting on the couch.
1584. Cheeseburger soup.
1585. Vava clearly writing her name and telling me what it was.
1586. Sam getting his own drink all by himself in a big-boy cup.
1587. Naptime ♥.
1588. Making plans.
1589. Curling up in a cozy bed with a good book and Patrick.
1590. Lying in bed while a storm swirls outside.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

1571 to 1580

1571. Undistracted morning at church.
1572. A brief walk by myself.
1573. Vava gobbling her lunch.
1574. Sam eating 3 eggs for second-breakfast.
1575. Deep sleep napping.
1576. Walking with the kids and splashing in gigantic slush-puddles.
1577. Luring Sam home from the park with the promise of a bath. ♥
1578. Hearing my kids use good manners.
1579. Peanut butter cookies.
1580. Folding laundry and snuggling with Patrick.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

1561 to 1570

1561. A fun morning with the kids.
1562. Feeding deer.
1563. Soaking up some vitamin D.
1564. Babybel and apples and ragin' ranch chips.
1565. Sam and Vava blissed out on watermelon.
1566. Sam making a bunny shadow with his nightlight.
1567. Vava beckoning and calling "c'mon mama, c'mon!"
1568. Sam swimming in the tub.
1569. Patrick taking care of Vava, snuggling her back into bed and singing goodnight.
1570. Sam asking for cozes and kisses.

Friday, March 28, 2014

1551 to 1560

1551. A cancellation at the dentist's exactly when I needed an appointment.
1552. Sweet friend who kept my kids.
1553. Best-case scenario.
1554. Running into a friend in town.
1555. Kids napping with no fuss.
1556. Curious George quotes to spur on a cranky Sam.
1557. Playing on the sidewalk.
1558. Goldfish crackers.
1559. God and Moses' conversations.
1560. Romantics Anonymous ... such an adorable movie. ♥

Thursday, March 27, 2014

1541 to 1550

1541. Patrick taking the kids downstairs and letting me sleep for ten more minutes.
1542. Aunt Diane taking Patrick to work so I could have the car.
1543. Playgroup ♥.
1544. Having my car cleared by a sweet friend.
1545. My neighbour shoveling our driveway.
1546. Both kids settling quickly at naptime.
1547. Playing on Big Mountain.
1548. Patrick taking the kids for a walk when he got home.
1549. A happy, chatty suppertime.
1550. Patrick taking care of me & my toothache and phoning the dentist for me. ♥

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1531 to 1540

1531. Playing hide and seek with the worst hiders :).
1532. High-five tag.
1533. Busy Vava, sorting crayons.
1534. Planning.
1535. Chatting with my mama.
1536. Being invited to participate in a month-long poetry challenge.
1537. Sam proudly peeling his own hardboiled eggs.
1538. Vava eating bacon dipped in hot sauce.
1539. Decluttering Sam's dresser while Patrick bathed the kids.
1540. Extra cuddles with Vava.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1521 to 1530

1521. Vava trying to play clone wars with Sam ... running into the room furiously shooting an imaginary laser into her own eye. She's got her mama's mad skills ;).
1522. Sam tenderly apologizing for accidentally hitting me on the head.
1523. Freshening up Vava's room.
1524. A short but very relaxing naptime.
1525. Summer Rolls for supper.
1526. Patrick doing all the cleaning up after supper while I chilled with the kids.
1527. More email love.
1528. Chatting with my SiL :).
1529. Chickpea blondies.
1530. Deep topics with Patrick haha.

Monday, March 24, 2014

1511 to 1520

1511. Two healthy kids.
1512. Doctor's office at the end of our street.
1513. Vava's new molars.
1514. Emails from dear friends.
1515. And aunties.
1516. A fresh clean fridge.
1517. Vava blowing kisses at Patrick's fork truck, which she was too timid to approach.
1518. Sam yelling "Papa!!! Kiss!!" across the parking lot at Patrick.
1519. Toasted marshmallow mocha.
1520. New baskets for the bathroom closet.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

1501 to 1510

1501. Sunshine on a cold day.
1502. Harold and the Purple Crayon.
1503. Sam's appetite being back in full force.
1504. Lunch delivery - including hugs, and COOKIES which made my kids pop - from loving friends.
1505. A long afternoon nap.
1506. Cuddling Sam, who decided he wanted to sleep a little longer, in his sunny warm room.
1507. The kids playing kitties.
1508. Sam rinsing his hair all on his own without being encouraged, asked, or coerced.
1509. Tired Vava embracing her crib at bedtime, until she realized what she was doing.
1510. Finally being hungry and wanting food ... yum!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

1491 to 1500

1491. Getting sick on the weekend, instead of wrangling the kids alone from the far side of a bucket.
1492. Patrick ♥.
1493. Sunshine and blue skies in my window.
1494. Bedside popsicle delivery.
1495. Sam's tender heart and loving helpfulness.
1496. The kids yelling 'mama! Yay! Mama!' when I ventured downstairs.
1497. Our pretty room and comfy bed.
1498. Sam and Vava both needing some mama-cuddle time before bed.
1499. Miss Marple on Netflix.
1500. The way a hot shower feels after a sick day. ♥.

Friday, March 21, 2014

1481 to 1490

1481. Sam and Vava laughing for the sheer pleasure of playing outside.
1482. Talking with my sister this morning.
1483. Being cared for by my mama even when I'm this old and this far away (hello Melaleuca vitamins :) ).
1484. Vava eating a carrot&blackberry popsicle without making a mess.
1485. Rocking both kids and singing for a while this morning. Mmm.
1486. Being inspired to declutter the entire desk instead of just a few drawers ...
1487. The grown-up realization that what I'm most proud of in my day is always whatever required the most effort.
1488. Patrick cuddling with Sam at bedtime, and falling asleep with him.
1489. Tucking Vava into a freshly made bed.
1490. Singing with the kids before goodnight kisses.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

1471 to 1480

1471. Sam asking to cuddle Vava, then climbing up beside her on the couch and spooning. ♥
1472. Mail full of love!
1473. Fresh air and snowbanks.
1474. Running into a friend at the gym.
1475. The kids, fresh from the tub, wearing soft & snuggly pyjamas.
1476. The ease of maintaining a clean kitchen when it's not full of clutter.
1477. Special supper ... delivered!
1478. The sun setting later and later.
1479. The nice people ahead of me in line who saved my place while I (yes seriously) sprinted across the store for a non-leaky vanilla.
1480. Comfy jams and a warm bed. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

1461 to 1470

1461. Sam walking around the house singing 'Holy Holy Holy.'
1462. Playing outside with friends.
1463. Kindness and a car again while ours gets rerepaired.
1464. Falling asleep with Sam at naptime, snuggly and warm.
1465. The way Vava whispers 'oh wow!' when something amazes her.
1466. A good chat.
1467. Finding the (unwrapped) parcel that was stolen from our car.
1468. Vava wearing a tp hat and being silly on the potty.
1469. Making roast beef for my favourite person in the world.
1470. Dancing in the kitchen with Sam while he ate nightlunch.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1451 to 1460

1451. A good nap yesterday making last night's lack of sleep bearable.
1452. Patrick making me full-strength coffee this morning.
1453. A lazy day with the kids.
1454. Talking with my sister.
1455. Elove from my parents.
1456. Vava pretending to snore at supper and asking to go to bed.
1457. Evening rituals: dishes and laundry with my one true love.
1458. The gauntlet, the gift.
1459. The way looking at You clarifies everything.
1460. Watching Suits :).

Monday, March 17, 2014

1441 to 1450

1441. A huge nap. ♥♥♥
1442. Sam refusing to eat jello because it resembles a booger hehe.
1443. Chatting with Patrick while doing dishes.
1444. Sweet Vava who loves her bedtime cuddles.
1445. Sam being so excited to have a family photo on his bedroom wall.
1446. A pleasant appointment.
1447. Closets and drawers full of fresh laundry.
1448. Dancing with my one true love.
1449. Encouragement and high-fives.
1450. Understanding friends who love me in spite of my brain-deadness.

1431 to 1440

1431. Kids sleeping in til almost 9!
1432. Seeing a friend I've missed :).
1433. Chats and hugs at church.
1434. Sam enthusiastically and incoherently telling us about Sunday school.
1435. Vava showering me with kisses today.
1436. Replacing my fave makeup (Sam & Vava got into it a few weeks ago ... boo).
1437. Seeing evidence of other 40bags-ers at the Salvation Army.
1438. Yummy chicken caesar salad.
1439. Working on laundry and dishes with Patrick.
1440. A fresh week waiting!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

1421 to 1430

1421. Waking up warm and lazy in the sunshine ... mmm Saturday sleep-in!
1422. Hugs and kisses from the kids.
1423. Coffee and cuddles.
1424. Long-distance joy from a Compassionate boy.
1425. Sam picking out a train bridge with his birthday money.
1426. Sam looking for kangaroos out the car window.
1427. Organizing our big food cupboard.
1428. Warm-hearted friends at dinner club.
1429. Gorgeous moon in the early-evening sky.
1430. Chilling with Chrissy and munching chips.

Friday, March 14, 2014

1411 to 1420

1411. Sam's delight when Vava woke up: "go get Va by self?"
1412. Vava gobbling strawberries.
1413. Understanding friends and cranky kids.
1414. Hope and peace popping in for a visit. ♥
1415. Long naps!
1416. Texts from Patrick.
1417. Sam and Vava giggling, playing on Sam's big boy bed.
1418. Vava asking for tickles at the table: "again? Again?"
1419. Sam solemnly counseling Vava about bathroom etiquette: "no lick pee-wawa, Va."
1420. A cozy evening with a good book and two sleeping kids.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

1401 to 1410

1401. A visit with Diane before breakfast.
1402. Kids waking up at a more reasonable hour :).
1403. Making breakfast in my fresh clean kitchen.
1404. Garbage truck beeping hello.
1405. Kids playing hard, happy, tired.
1406. A really good poem.
1407. Talking about parenting and writing with a kindred spirit.
1408. Sam and Vava popping with glee over McDonald's playland at suppertime.
1409. Vava making friends on the baby slide.
1410. Shopping with a friend :).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1391 to 1400

1391. A good night's sleep.
1392. Slipping into bed with Sam for a few cuddles while waiting for Vava to wake.
1393. A happy playdate.
1394. God speaking.
1395. Sam deciding he likes chicken.
1396. Falling asleep with sweet warm Vava.
1397. Eggies.
1398. Having a chance to clean and organize my kitchen ♥.
1399. Planning a Pampered Chef party.
1400. My incredible hardworking handsome toddler-wrangling husband.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

1381 to 1390

1381. Grace.
1382. Time.
1383. Hope.
1384. A little girl bringing me a story to read to her at Chapters.
1385. Argan oil for my chapped nose.
1386. Date night ♥.
1387. Running into a friend at the store.
1388. Patrick's tender heart.
1389. God's girls.
1390. Menthol lozenges to helpe breathe.b

Monday, March 10, 2014

1371 to 1380

1371. Sleeping a lil later.
1372. Kim & Laethi coming to play!
1373. Lots of texts from people I love.
1374. Laethi's cuddles!
1375. Splashing in puddles with Sam and Vava.
1376. Warm sun on my face.
1377. Sam trying to hold the hand of a passerby.
1378. Birthday date with Rachael.
1379. Patrick rescuing me from powervomit ... again.
1380. Quick bath with my sad darling, who is definitely the most dear when she least realizes it. ♥

Sunday, March 9, 2014

1361 to 1370

1361. Sleeping.
1362. Cuddling on the couch with both kids.
1363. Patrick taking care of us.
1364. Taking the kids to play at the park.
1365. Sam spying the moon in the afternoon sky.
1366. Vava slipping and sliding on the uneven snow.
1367. Sam and Vava throwing imaginary toys to the squirrel.
1368. Running hand-in-hand with Sam.
1369. Other mamas I can ask for advice.
1370. Washer and dryer in my own house.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

1351 to 1360

1351. Quiet early breakfast at McDonald's, all alone :).
1352. Pale dawn, beautiful sunrise.
1353. Chrissy sleeping over!
1354. So many nice friends at Sam's party.
1355. A lazy afternoon.
1356. Cuddling with Vava.
1357. Sam telling me about his day while we snuggled in his bed.
1358. Patrick being the best party co-pilot ever.
1359. Leftovers for quick suppers.
1360. Bed. Ahhh.

Friday, March 7, 2014

1341 to 1350

1341. Taking the kids outside for a walk.
1342. Chatting with two of my sisters ♥.
1343. Tossing junk from my third bookshelf; loving the tidiness.
1344. Chrissy coming over.
1345. My lovely neighbour bringing me grapes.
1346. Sam asking me to snuggle him in his crib at naptime, and snoozing for twenty minutes.
1347. Sam and Vava being naughty together and playing with the off-limits scotch tape.
1348. Finding a new show to enjoy with Patrick.
1349. Patrick doing the dishes.
1350. Awesome online community of encouragement.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

1331 to 1340

1331. Early-morning cuddles with Sam.
1332. Lying on a cushion-mountain with the kids, reading Dr. Seuss, being cuddled like crazy.
1333. Milder temperatures and a walk with my kids.
1334. A fun phone conversation.
1335. A chance to declutter again.
1336. Sam counting to fourteen.
1337. Sam asking "forgive me?" when I caught him sneaking candy from the potty-rewards jar.
1338. Vava stacking and unstacking blocks on repeat.
1339. Vava feeding herself very runny soup like a boss.
1340. My gymbook making me cry, right there in front of everyone ... it's so good.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days

Bag #1 from my bookshelf ... which is actually pretty nice now that it's not drowning in junk.

1321 to 1330

1321. Patrick doing the dishes before work.
1322. Sam devouring pancakes like a dinosaur.
1323. Vava looking like a clown after scarfing raspberries.
1324. Talking with my sis. ♥
1325. Starting a decluttering challenge!
1326. Patrick coming home and celebrating the fresh bookshelf ... seriously love that he noticed!
1327. Making supper in peace while my good man took the kids out for a drive.
1328. Sam loving the spicy chicken.
1329. Sweet cuddles with my loves.
1330. Talking with my beautiful sister-in-law.

Ooh Baby Let My People Go

The Bible plan I'm following this year has me reading in Exodus right now.
It's been a long, polar-vortex-y winter, with cabin fever, and I've got two toddlers stuck inside, growing and pushing their limits like summertime weeds.  So maybe my mind isn't able to think outside this box, but I couldn't help seeing a big resemblance between Pharaoh and my kids.
I'm so ready to be done with the intense repetition of timeout. I know getting outside and burning some energy playing on the green grass will help us all to have more consideration and patience, but these days it's just one timeout after another. Sam's in it more than Vava, because that's just his stage.  He'll do something he knows he's not allowed to do, I'll pop him in timeout, then we'll talk about a better action-choice, he'll apologize, and go back to playing.  And often, less than ten minutes will pass before he's doing the same naughty thing he was doing before.  It's like being released from timeout is a chance to be a repeat offender, not a chance to play and enjoy his freedom.  Eventually, he'll end up in the Big Timeout ... in his room, without toys. And that's usually the one that helps him get through the rest of the day (okay, probably less) without pushing - or grabbing - or whatever it is.
The descendants of Israel were enslaved in Egypt, and God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go. Moses is sure Pharaoh's going to need a little more convincing, and God assures him he's got it in hand. 'I'm going to harden Pharaoh's heart ... and after ten plagues, he will beg you to leave. The Egyptians will give you anything you ask, just to see you go. The Israelites will plunder the land of jewels simply by asking for them.'  It wasn't just going to be a scurrying sort of escape - it was going to be a complete God-led victory.
So every time Pharaoh refuses to let the enslaved Israelites go, God sends a plague. Every time, Pharaoh begs Moses to pray that God will take it away, and God does.
And then Pharaoh hardens his own heart.  The wrath of God brings him to a grudging lip-service sort of obedience, but at the mercy of God, he shakes his fist and recants his compliance.
And then I realize I'm not just reading about Pharaoh or toddlers but I'm reading about every single one of us. 
The wrath of God makes us tremble, but the mercy of God?
We can ignore it. Harden our hearts and climb back on the throne and choose oppression and selfishness.  Or we can bow. For real. Soften our hearts to soak up his mercy and receive his blessings. Let Him sit on the throne. Let Him guide us in righteousness and justice. Love and be loved.
I wonder what God would have done in Egypt with Pharaoh's softened heart.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

1311 to 1320

1311. The unprecedented dearness of waking up before Sam, and watching his sleeping beautiful self.
1312. Telling Vava to wake up Sam, and her kissing him awake.
1313. Sam yelling "surprise!" when he saw the balloons and streamers.
1314. Sam's delight over his super-simple birthday present.
1315. Making rainbow cookies and cupcakes on this special day.
1316. Texting with my lifelong bff ♥.
1317. Delicious frosting mmm.
1318. Glow-stick bathtime.
1319. Patrick snuggling the kids.
1320. Running into our sweet neighbours who had a present for Sam.

Monday, March 3, 2014

1301 to 1310

1301. Talking with my dad.
1302. S & V & J dancing without music.
1303. S & J bringing each other sippy cups.
1304. Vava refusing rice, veggies, and roast beef, but gobbling up mustard instead.
1305. Sam being so excited about his birthday tomorrow.
1306. Making cookies with J.
1307. Hanging streamers and balloons tonight ... I keep picturing his blissed-out face.
1308. Sam cuddling up beside lil L and calling her his best friend.
1309. Stealing candies from the loot-bag stash ;).
1310. Mama C celebrating another birthday.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

1291 to 1300

1291. Patrick manning the morning prep.
1292. Wearing my Jedidah-scarf; feeling cozy and beautiful.
1293. Seeing lovelies at church this morning.
1294. Lazy lunch and cuddles.
1295. Long long nap in the sunshine.
1296. Playing kiss-tag with Sam and Patrick.
1297. Fruit-plate-supper.
1298. Fresh toybox.
1299. Laughing about our kids.
1300. Clean clothes.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

1281 to 1290

1281. The way Patrick brings gladness and order into our day.♥
1282. Vava sleeping soundly in the car.
1283. Sam waving to people stopped beside us at all the red lights.
1284. The kids lighting up when we told them we were meeting Chrissy at the mall.
1285. Sam falling in love with his early birthday present from Chrissy.
1286. Bacon stackers for supper.
1287. Vava's love of hot sauce.
1288. Sam pretending a ball was a baby, cuddling it and giving it a soother.
1289. Patrick wrapping me in two cozy blankets while we watched a movie.
1290. And putting fresh, cozy sheets on our bed. ♥