Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my dear sam

tonight we ate supper on the deck.  the girls had built a huge fort in the living room with all the dining room chairs, and it was too fantastic to destroy.  so we ate outside instead of at the table.

sam was given a sweet little wooden table & chair set, and marcella & laurie carried it outside and sat there while we ate.  after a long and silly suppertime in the cool evening breeze, we all trickled back inside to get ready for bed.

i was doing the dishes when laurie carried one of sam's little chairs in, and then brought in the table. 

behind her came sam, struggling under the weight and unwieldiness of a chair.  he was cleaning up too!

something joyful in me seemed to swell up and burst.  i don't know if it was the dearness of him copying his cousin, or the wonder of seeing how big and strong he is, or the sweetness of his contributing to the cleaning up.  but the sight of our wee man lugging his chair back into place made me cry.

he's growing so fast!  what a wonderful big brother he will be!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

july 24-26

 tuesday july 24

on tuesday we went to meeting, and ashlin said: it was really boring.  especially the first half.  and the second half.
laurie, positively: the third half was good!
patrick: snicker.

wednesday july 25

laurie: we went to the thing (summer in the park).  it was really fun.  we were looking for elephant ears, we couldn't find it so we looked around.  we saw some cute dresses, then some face paint, and it turns out it was for free.  when janelle came back from the bathroom we told her that the face paint was for free, and then ashlin went to get her face painted; she got a tiger.  me and hannah and marcella and janelle didn't want our faces painted.  then we went to get some twisted ice cream.  then we went to this plalace that was in the park and we got poutine for hannah and ashlin got a drink and marcella got some kettle corn.  we sat on a bench looking out at the water and then we went to the playground and played there for so long.

marcella: janelle was sitting at the side, and she heard 2 girls playing, and one of them said "sister, save me!  i'm surrounded by trolls!"  when she told us, we all laughed.  and we've been saying it ever since.

laurie: the ice cream made me gassy and i had really bad farts.  i won't say whether it happened to janelle or not because she might sit on me.

ashlin: on the way to the marina, after we picked up hannah, we stopped at the bank.  we saw this guy walk by and his shirt, he was wearing it like a shrug, he put his arms through the bottom.  it was weird.  when he walked by, he looked into the car and we all looked away.  when he left, we giggled, and it was really funny.  he became our role model.  just kidding.

thursday july 26

laurie:  we woke up and then went back to sleep and then we woke up again and played with sam for a while and then we ate breakfast.  we had a giant snack plate: animal crackers, cheese, rice crackers, pickles, and strawberries.  and we each had a glass of water.   sam had his nap while we had breakfast.  when he woke up again, we were on the computers and he really wanted us to play with him so we did.  then we had to go clean our room, and sam was bothering us so i finished really quickly and took sam out and played with him.  then we were all done and we all played with him and we had so much fun.

marcella: we went shopping, and when we got home, my hand was beside a bush when i was opening the door, and i felt something on the side of my arm, and i looked down and a bee stung me!  it hurt a lot, and it was my first bee sting.  when we got inside, i put some ice on it, and it was really cold.  janelle gave me some benylyn; it tasted like green apple and it was sort of gross.  (not as bad as tutti fruitti though.)

laurie: while we were shopping, me & marcella got headphones.  mine were silver and marcella got pink.  ashlin already got white ones.

ashlin: i did my nails.  i was going to do music notes, but janelle told me to leave it as lines because it looked cool and i agreed.  and i did marcella's but it didn't work out.  and whatever else they said - yeah.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

july 20 - 23

friday, july 20  (camping day!)

marcella: the waves were really really huge.

ashlin: it reminded us of the ocean.  without all the salt.  we were going to camp on caribou island but the waves were rough and it would have been stupid to try to get out there then.

marcella: we went out really deep and were swimming in all the waves and stuff.  we went out to the sandbar for a long time.  then the stiehs came and we went out shallow and dove into the breaking waves.  it was really fun.

ashlin: we had a truckload of sand in our bathing suits though.  we had hotdogs and then a hymnsing around the fire.

marcella: then we all went to bed and everyone was talking.

ashlin: and it was kind of funny because just when it would get quiet, someone would giggle and we would all giggle.

saturday, july 21

ashlin:  on saturday, i was the last one to wake up. we didn't actually go camping on the island because of the rough water, so we had a slumber party in the living room of the brundage's cottage, and we went to the island the next day.

marcella: we had to go in two loads on the boat.  ashlin, caitlin, hannah, and i were in the 1st load, and waited for half an hour for everyone else to come.  we explored the island, and found a ton of blueberry patches and i got bit by an ant.  when they finally came, we went to a different part where it was all rocky, and we jumped off the cliff into the water.  i was one of the first kids to go in.

ashlin: i was one of the second last.   i wasn't scared to jump off the cliff, just nervous of the cold water.  then we found this place to climb up and it was cool.  chris started the fire.  chrissy put her feet in.  oh yeah, then we went to collect a bunch of driftwood, and we came back with three armloads of driftwood.

marcella: we roasted hot dogs over the fire, and we ate chips and stuff, and i found a toad but it jumped away.

ashlin: after a while, a boat full of people - some men and their daughters - came and invaded our territory (marcella, indignantly: not our territory) and jumped off our cliffs (ibid: NOT OUR CLIFFS!) and one of the old dudes went up to a higher cliff - the drop looked like it was 75 feet - and he went off that a bunch of times and after that they left and all was peaceful.

laurie's day: (she didn't go camping) - first we went to a bunch of furniture places to get some chairs but we didn't end up getting any.  then we went to the playground by the splashpad.  it was really fun. then sam went into the splashpad so i went with him, and i got really wet.  and then we put on our bathing suits really quickly and we went to trowbridge and went past the bridge that time. uncle patrick was floating away under the bridge, and sam was crying because he was wondering what uncle patrick was doing.  we played in the water and sam swam to janelle, but only a little bit.
then we went home and on the stairs there was ashlin and marcella waiting for us.

ashlin: i walked down to mac's by myself and got a large coca cola slushie that i ate in half an hour.  and it was really yummy.

laurie: then, me and marcella were upstairs and watched my little pony and then we came down, took some snack and went downstairs.  i wasn't feeling good so i took an advil.  i made myself a little bed, and i fell asleep in the basement and i ended up sleeping there.

sunday july 22

we had waffles for breakfast.

laurie: then we got ready and went to meeting and it was really good.  the red team was still winning on the games - yeah.  i only answered 1 question.  then we went home, we - i don't know.  i forget.

ashlin: i got a million dollars!  it was just for answering a question.  although it was kind of fake, it was still pretty cool.  and in the code, it said JHN316 and 777.

marcella: why are you writing the code, ashlin?

ashlin: john 3:16, get it?  on the back, instead of being like real money, it had a verse going around the edge, and on the front it said Not Real.  sadface.

marcella: we went to trowbridge, and on the way there we stopped at mcdonalds and got drinks/ice cream.  when we got there, we went past the bridge, and we went in the water and it was really cold.

ashlin: not really.

marcella: if you took your feet off the bottom, you would start floating away.  i did it once, but then i got out and helped ashlin get out.  then we went back to our normal spot, and we found this big drop off where janelle couldn't even touch.  and we swam around there for a while but then we had to leave.  but laurie and ashlin wanted to float down the river one more time, and janelle and i were getting out, and she slipped and hit her head.

laurie: she was trying to hold herself up by her elbows but her elbows slipped and that's how she hit her head.  then me and ashlin went down a little too far by accident, and we couldn't stop because it was so slippery.  we finally held onto an edge and climbed up but it was the wrong side so we had to get across.  we went on it, but it went up that time, but it was really hard, and we were kind of mad at each other and yeah.

ashlin: i really liked floating down the river because i knew i could stop.

marcella: i didn't really.

ashlin: but when laurie and i went down for my second time, we went down a little bit too far.

laurie: i said that!

ashlin: i know.  i didn't know how to get back because i didn't know if it was safe and i was trying to keep laurie okay.

laurie, to patrick: you like drawing on people, don't you!

ashlin: so we crawled up onto the opposite bank, and tried to go upstream and float back to the spot we were supposed to be.  it didn't really work.

marcella: laurie!  rub it off your toe so it won't come off on the carpet!

laurie: is that a potato?

patrick: no, this is vava.

monday, july 23

hannah and emma came to spend the day.

ashlin: nobody was awake yet.  i came upstairs in my pjs and we played, then we played in a pickle, and it was fun.

laurie: they were so nice, and we went to mac's, and i didn't have enough, so emma gave me the money and she wouldn't let me pay her back.  (awww!)

marcella: when we got to the pool, we all went in at the same time, and it was really cold at first.  we swam around the shallow end for a little bit, then we went to the deep end, but we had to swim under the rope so we all got wet.  we went over to the other side of the pool, and ashlin got up and went down the water slide, then emma went, then i went.  the water on the slide was really cold, so when we went back in the water it felt really warm.

laurie: then when we came home we were kinda bored and then we um, we um, janelle told us we should pick a song and make a dance to it.  we ended up playing the drawing game, where somebody draws a head secretly and then someone draws the body, then the legs then you undo and see the crazy creature you made.

ashlin: when darlene and elizabeth came to bring the bunk bed they came in a truck, and we played peekaboo with sam in the back of the truck.  then he played with libby, the neighbours' dog, so cute!

and that's that! whew - congrats on reading this ;).  xoxo

Friday, July 20, 2012

visit log, 2 more days.

i'm sitting out on the deck, writing this with laurie.  ashlin and marcella are camping with our friends tonight, but we homebodies are going to tell you about the past few days.

actually, laurie is.  this is what she has to say.

wednesday july 18

we woke up, got dressed, and went to that novelty store and bought gifts for people.  then we went to tims and got a little treat. 
we were tickling sam and playing peekaboo and he would laugh his head off.  ashlin recorded a video of it at tims, and it's really funny.

then we went to liquidation world.  ashlin got a shirt and marcella got a sweater, and i got gummy cherries, janelle got a bunch of stuff that we need, and like, hotrods - er, is that what they're called? - and i think she got some milk.

then we needed to go to the bathroom, and we went all around that little area, but subway was too far, and then we couldn't find one, and we ended up driving home, almost peeing ourselves.

then they got rid of a truck that they rented.  the truck was silver and it was so cool and aawesome.  i'm sad it's gone.

then we had supper - poutine - and it was really good, but i wasn't very hungry so i didn't eat very much.

then we - ashlin, janelle, and marcella, and i - went to the movies to see Brave.  it was in 3D.  it was like so awesome.  it kind of reminded me of mommy, and the scary part was the parts with Mordue in it.

then we went home and went to bed.

thursday, july 19

me &" janelle went to give uncle patrick his lunch, and he came with us to the movies so i could buy some toys at the arcade and i got a set of headphones and 2 sets of headphones for ashlin and got myself 3 bouncy balls.  we went to this place to pay a bill.   then we got home and waited there for a little while, then we got into our bathing suits and went to the splashpad with the rings that you run through, and sam was scared because the water started beside him, even though it didn't spray him.  then ashlin and marcella didn't really want to go in through it, but i kept going through, and i was doing this obstacle course thingy and they wanted to follow me.  marcella went through it a little, then ashlin just went around instead of going through.  she ended up going in, because it was at the end because i wanted her to.  and she was really cold.

marcella, janelle, and sam went to pick up uncle patrick while me & ashlin stayed at the splash pad.  at first we stayed there, but then we got a little bit cold and we dried off and went to the playground and we went on the tire swing.  ashlin said she would vgive me a dollar if she could push me, because i hate going on tire swings, and then she said that she'd push me, and i kind of wanted to then, but then she didn't really want to, she just wanted me to push her.

then janelle and marcella and patrick and sam came and we stayed for a while.  me and janelle went on the swings while ashlin & marcella went on the tire swing while sam and uncle patrick played on the slide.  and then i noticed that janelle was like, going so high that she was like laying down on the highest top, and i was like halfway there.  then me and janelle got off the swings and we all went on the playground, and sam started spinning me on the spinning thing.  then sam got really tired, and he wanted to go home so we all went home, ate, and went to bed.

 we're going to write about today another time :)  laurie is done.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the vava girl

our little vava is growing and kicking :). 

this morning she woke me up with the biggest kick yet - it felt like someone dropped a soccer ball on my belly.  my eyes flew open and i looked to see who had done it - and she did it three more times!  it was really fun.  i love this kid.

here i am with a huge hard belly at 28 weeks.  (forgive the goofy shot, patrick was making me laugh and do all sorts of crazy things.  turned out to be the least-horrid of the pics, so it made the blog.)

having the girls here is giving me a little taste of what it's like to have more than one kid.  it's surprising - i tuck sam in at the end of the day and realize i don't know what happened in his life for every single moment.  were there sad things i missed?  happy things?  does he know i love him ridiculously, or does he only remember the times i told him not to throw food? 

it's made me more aware of taking time to really connect with him, and to pay attention.  he's changing so fast.  and i know that's good practice for when vava arrives and my exhausted sleep-deprived brain is trying to catch up with loving them both and remembering which one of them needs to eat and which one needs a clean bum.

hopefully, i can keep those needs separate. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

cousins' visit catch-up

tuesday july 10

nanny left.  left a big hole in our hearts.  it was sad. 

before she left, sam accidentally tried coffee and was all grossed out.

wednesday july 11

it was sweltering and we walked to the mall.  ashlin bought cool candy for her friends, and janelle bought pants for patrick.  not crankypants.  that was sam in the heat. ... and a nasty lady called him that, when it was her fault that he was crying :(.

so we bought him goldfish.  the crackers, not the critter.

thursday july 12

we went to lucas' birthday.  there was a bouncy house, and the boys foolishly thought they could destroy the girls with imaginary guns, but we scared them away by pretending to be zombies.  we sang happy birthday, ate and stuff, and when all the parents were talking we went outside and played grounders.  sam went on the slide and at first he was like woah what is this thing? but at the end he was happy.  t the end we went inside and lucas' mom gave us stuffies.  and sam went outside and let go of his balloon and it went away.

we went to trowbridge to cool down afterward and sam was fearless.  patrick would hold his arms and let his legs flow with the water.

friday july 13

waah!  it was friday the 13th!  but we were so lucky.    but maybe it's because we didn't see any black cats.  oh wait we did.  AUGH!

we went to a barbecue at the hutchinsons.  we had some really yummy hotdogs and burgers.  there was watermelon and it was a huge hit.  and they had cream puffs - oh my goodness (sighs of bliss).

we all went upstairs to sort out the teams for capture the flag.   boys against girls.  the boys picked a dumb jail, it was easy to let the girls out.  we had to leave early so it was a tie.

laurie & sam ate watermelon, and sam was hugging a lot of people.  (but not me - laurie.)

saturday july 14

ashlin, excitedly: I FOUND A BABY BIRD!
marcella, interjecting: i helped with it.
laurie: i didn't.

we went to trowbridge.  the water was gorgeous.  we were just sitting there on a big rock.

ashlin didn't go in the water at all, just took care of the shivering baby bird until it could fly.

laurie and marcella swam like mermaids.

glug glug glug.  THAT WAS A HUGE BUBBLE!  remember that from full house?  cheese.  sneeze.  cheesehead.  remember that from full house?  what are you writing? oh.  ah-ah-ah.  like what?  what are you writing?  that's just so random.  hey i just said the name of a show!

sunday july 15

we woke up - actually we slept in.  til 930.  and we still made it to meeting almost-on-time.

on sunday night uncle patrick surprised us with ice cream.  but he pretended it was ginger beer, and we pretended to be glad about the surprise.  but really we weren't.  until it was ice cream and then we liked it.

we drew the funniest pictures, where you draw the head and then trade papers to draw the bodies. 

monday july 16

it was raining so we stayed home all day.

janelle and patrick went on a date and saw spiderman.  we babysat sam.  and when they came home, sam was asleep and the house was clean and the dishes were done.  and janelle was so happy she got us some gummy bears and we ate them for breakfast the next day.

then uncle patrick carried us up to bed, and our heads were upside down and it was fun.

tuesday july 17

today we stayed home for a while, and played with sam for a while.  marcella saw half a movie, and me & ashlin were drawing and i drew a sketch of piglet. - laurie.

we went to kakabeka falls, and the beach was really disgusting.  the bathroom had no doors, it was open, but there were stalls.  then we got back and walked around in the water a bit. - marcella.

when i was walking around in the water, i looked down to my foot and there was a leech.  i dug into it with my nails and took it off and buried it in the mud so it would die.  i don't like leeches. - ashlin.

the muck was really sticky and disgusting and gross - marcella.

and it was in the bottom of the water!  then sam & i played on the playground and it was fun, but not really. - laurie.

on the way there we got giant slushies in our amazing spirally slushy cups.  and hotrods. - ashlin.

Monday, July 16, 2012

some great thing

i've been longing lately to do some great thing.  to be used of God.  to live a life that is more than just okay.

i want to live a full life, a poured-out life, a life that matters.  i want to produce, not just consume.  i want my days to count for something - not just be filled with ease or even toil.  meaning.  goodness.  active blessing.  i want the sum of my life to be greater than the number of my days.

a line from the story of naaman came to me today, when i was in the middle of mundanity and the boring, happy, busy things that come with being a mom.

naaman wanted to be cleansed from leprosy, and the prophet told him to dip 7 times in the river jordan.  naaman was furious - he had expected a cool show, maybe some hocus pocus and flashing lights.  dip in a stinky river?  he stormed away in a huff.  but his servant spoke gently to him.

'my father, had the prophet told you to do some great thing, would you not have done it?'

the obvious answer being yes - of course he would.  he brought wealth and letters to the king, ready to pay and pander for healing.  but would he humble his pride and dip?

can i embrace my humble life, and die to self by changing diapers and wiping noses and washing dishes a hundred times a day?

and the answer, again, must be yes.

this is what He asks of me.  in this life, right now, my tasks might seem mundane, and do not particularly taste of greatness.  but this is where i am, and what i have to do.  

i do it.  
because if He told me to do some great thing, would i not do that?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

that sweet longing

a friend of mine had a baby today - a precious little boy.

looking at the pictures of their dear newest family member, i was filled with that old longing, that bittersweet ooh i want that.

and it hit me with surprise: i have that!  and will again, oh-so-soon!

thank You, God.

i can't wait. :D

Friday, July 13, 2012

awesome enough

God hears my prayers.  yes.  God.  i pray to 'him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think' (eph 3:20).

it would be awesome enough if He was able to do all that we ask or think.  wouldn't it?

and it would be awesome enough if He was able to do above all that we ask or think.

and it would be awesome enough if He was able to do abundantly above all that we ask or think.

but He doesn't even stop there.

because He is so much more than awesome enough.  He is exceeding abundantly above awesome enough.

and He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that i ask or think.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

there's so much more to come!

i've been thinking about the verse 'do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.'

at first i was thinking about not grieving Him, saying yes to Him and no to sin - and then i started thinking about the day of redemption.

it's coming!

the day when we'll be redeemed to Him, in person. not just a soul-happy i.o.u., but a real life in-person redemption.

it hasn't happened yet.  salvation - yes.  but the redemption is still to come!

and it made me ridiculously happy.

this good life - as rich and full and deep and sweet and good as it is - is not everything.  it's not even a big chunk of everything.  at best, it's the aroma drifting out the kitchen door, hinting at the feast to come. 

He is so good to us, isn't He?  already, right here, we can't even count all the blessings He pours out.

and there's so much more to come.


Monday, July 9, 2012

days three, four, and five

day three: saturday.

patrick was off, so we had extra fun.

we went to lake superior and went tubing.  the water was choppy.  we had a blast.  janelle fell off the tube, but the rest of us stayed on.  even nanny went tubing.  (ashlin & marcella)

i didn't go on the tube, but i went on the boat instead. (laurie)

chrissy gave us little caesar's pizza.  it was really refreshing to have it after such a long time.  the pizza's good here.  in halifax they don't do it right.  with the new managers.  once there was supposed to be a hawaiian, but it only had 2 pieces of pineapple on it.

then there was ladies' bible study in the evening.

sam was supposed to be asleep, but he was standing in his crib singing to himself "samjam is a nice wee boy."

bananas fight depression.
you should randomly put that in the middle of your blog.  (i already had ;))

day four: sunday

we went to meeting for the first time here, and that guy gave us kit kat bars (lorne).

then we went to the splash pad.  we had a huge watergun fight with the stiehs.  sam fell and got a scratch on his hand and belly and elbow.  poor samjam. 

then we came home because sam was crying.  and shivering.  then we went to meeting and had nachos for supper.  and then went to bed.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

day five: monday

today is mommy's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

we played in the pool with sam.  (marcella and laurie did. -ashlin.)  we had breakfast.  we had lunch after.  what did we have for lunch?  oh yeah, tomato soup.  and we made cheese pretzels.  or cookies.  those things.  was that before or after lunch?  oh yeah, it was before lunch.

she's writing everything you guys say.  oh wow.  she just wrote that.  (heheh.)

and then we started cleaning.

oh my goodness.
i chipped my tooth.  (she really did.)
i wonder if i put this under my pillow if the tooth fairy will come?
she'd probably only leave a penny.

we went to the dollar store and bought a couple things.  when we went out it was pouring rain and we got drenched.  and sam kept hugging me (marcella) so that i couldn't buckle my seatbelt.  (but then she got her seatbelt on -laurie.)

and then we had pork chops and potatoes for supper.

i was carrying sam downstairs and he was crying and then he bit me and now there's a bruise on my cheek.  it looks like a hand.  -marcella (poor mussy!).

ice cream time - gotta run.  xo!

Friday, July 6, 2012

day two

it was much cooler today.  we had delightful refreshing showers - not enough to soak us, but enough to cool us. (mom)  it was much nicer than the blistering heat yesterday!

we went to hillcrest park and played a lot.  sam loved it.  (laurie)

i'm glad there are outhouses in parks. (ashlin)

sam gave us lots of kisses! (laurie)

we had yummy eggs for breakfast.  (marcella)

and went to kfc (laurie) - eat your heart out papa ;) (mom).  got to meet chrissy and have sweet potato fries :D yum!

mom took us out for a delicious and fun supper and we played in vickers park to wear out sam - who was clearly in his glory, with so many fun kids to play with :)  she also bought sam a wading pool, so the kids will be able to keep cool even on the hottest day.  (and i might enjoy it during nap time ;))

a great time was had by all. (mom)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

day one

it's been a little more than 24 hours since mom & the girls got off the plane.
we're all a little silly and sleepy, and they're sitting here telling me what we did.  i'm writing it all down.

had hotdogs.  and hotrods.

we ate cheese.  cucumbers.  pickles. 

and pad thai.

we drank water.

(apparently all we did was eat.)

'you asked him to come talk to vava, and he laid his head down on your belly and said awww and then he wanted to share his toys, so he went and got his firetruck and tried to give it to vava.'

we slept.

went to the lake.

got an oil change and a new battery.  and a carwash.  (and sam cried).

we played ball out on the porch.  (i think they mean deck.  unless it was a really small game.)

tried to buy a wading pool.  (they were out.  no wonder.)

bought shorts.

got our chores done.  in half an hour.

went and picked up patrick.  he was too heavy so we put him back down.  (mild snickering.)

i went to work.  (patrick, glumly.)

we played in a pickle and 5-second rule.

(laurie, tired) i think that's enough.

agreed, small one.  let's go to bed :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

beginnings and endings and getting older

it's the endings of things that help me to see them clearly.  the being-over, the finality, the last page closing shut softly - then opening my eyes and letting my heart savour what was.

maybe it's the price paid for bookworminess -

i'm almost unable to see the story until it's over.  once the last page falls to rest against the fullness of the others, i can taste it, whole. 

i can't seem to get the flavour of things when i'm only partway through.

the last cheesie is the tastiest.  the last piece of burger - pickley, mustardy - tastes most truly like summer.

to me, always, the last bite of anything is the most delicious.

when something ends, that's when i really begin to enjoy it.  to enjoy it in the deepest sort of way, thinking it over and seeing it from different angles.

i think that's why i always hark back to zambia.  my trip ended, i came home, there was a definite finality.  an end.  the book closed, my plate was licked clean.  and moments stand out in my mind whole, defined, complete. 

and i long for that delicious time, my heart hungry for the beauty and clarity and reality.

but i want to be able to enjoy the now.  this moment.  to taste it, live and vivid and as it is.  i don't want to wait for an ending to enjoy this, i want to savour each second of now.

when i was younger, there were lots of markers.  new school years, new teachers, tracked my years and months in regular passage.  annual events cycled through the calendar - easter, christmas, birthday - bearing a weight and significance.  they were heavy in my hand, delicious like an orange that i peeled and ate piece by piece.  now - perhaps there have been too many? - they pass like any other day, my heart doesn't really register their weight.

and so i don't see the endings, and i worry they will pass too blurrily, too quickly to taste. 

i think this must be why people scrapbook, or take annual family photos, or even - maybe? - blog.  to save the moment, to turn it over in their hands and see it from its different angles.  to close the page, and see the story whole.

how do you capture the weight or savour the significance?  any suggestions for me?

Sunday, July 1, 2012


the latest copy of missions magazine had an article that caught my eye - and my heart - and i really wanted to share it with you. awesomely enough, it's the feature article this month, so it's available for download here

if you download and read it (it's the second article in the download - you know, the one about niger), will you pop back and tell me what you think?

and will you pray, too, for niger?