Friday, October 24, 2014

3411 to 3420

3411. Sam doing Vava's chore so we could go to moms' group.
3412. S&V holding hands to cross the parking lot - such cooperation!
3413. Micah popping in and finding Vava's sucie on the sidewalk, washing the dishes, playing with Sam and fixing the step.
3414. Kachinvya growing longer.
3415. Gorgeously warm afternoon.
3416. Vava helping me feed Kachi.
3417. A shaggy dog in a pool of streetlight.
3418. Grocery shopping alone.
3419. Kachi looking so deliciously cute in stripes.
3420. Patrick manning the late feeding so I could go to bed.♥

Thursday, October 23, 2014

3401 to 3410

3401. A comforting sense of being held.
3402. One last breakfast with my beautiful mama.
3403. Patrick manning the bigs before work so I could snooze with the little.
3404. Playgroup.
3405. Driving around with my backseat full of jewels.
3406. Sam and Vava rising to the task of handling increased independence well.
3407. Take-out money from mama to make our Patrick-less evening fun.
3408. A super-quick oil change.
3409. Love & generosity from Patrick's coworkers.
3410. Our neighbours' impossibly pretty baby, sleeping in his stroller.

3391 to 3400

3391. Getting rid of Kachi's rash and finding his beautiful skin :).
3392. Sam hugging the inflated grim reaper at Wal-Mart, because 'he looked so mad and needed cheering up.'
3393. Blue skies and sunshine.
3394. Vava wearing her pretty new pants from aunt Jenny.
3395. Laughing with Sam and Mom on Sam's cushion-slide.
3396. Reading to the kids, Vava repeating every line.
3397. A beautiful walk in the golden sunshine.
3398. Soup from friends for supper.
3399. My amazing husband helping me write thank-you cards.
3400. Laughing with my mama at the table.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kachinvya Chad

Our darling boy has finally arrived!  As with Vava, we've had a lot of questions about his name. Here are some answers:

It's pronounced kuh-CHINV-yuh. Go on, take it for a spin ... try saying it out loud. Emphasize the second syllable. Not so hard, right?

Kachi for short, and it doesn't sound like "catchy" ... more like "caught"-chee, emphasis on the first syllable. 

We love the name on its own, but its meaning makes it especially dear to us. After infertility drugs, miscarriages, and a lot of heartbreak, we're not taking our kids for granted. Each of our children's names has a special meaning.  Sam means God hears my prayers. Vivian means life. And Kachinvya means victor, overcomer.  We're so blessed :).

Here's a peek at our little man with the big name.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

3381 to 3390

3381. You hear our prayers.
3382. You create life.
3383. Through You we overcome.
3384. You are enough.
3385. You carry us, we don't carry ourselves.
3386. You are eternal.
3387. You came here as a baby.
3388. You know us from the inside out.
3389. You love us.
3390. You love me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3361 to 3380

3361. Little Kachinvya Chad coming safely into the world.
3362. Superhero Chrissy, coming in the middle of the night to stay with Sam and Vava.
3363. Superhero Rachael, being my strong and calm friend throughout labour.
3364. Superhero mama, letting me crush her hand and counting me through each contraction.
3365. Superhero Patrick, giving me such glad glances of excitement and pride to keep me going.
3366. My wonderful nurse, who was so competent and pleasant and kind.
3367. Apple juice and ice chips.
3368. Sam and Vava, who suddenly seem huge and astonishing.
3369. My night nurse, who kept Kachi-boy so I could sleep.
3370. A zillion well-wishers making meet smile.
3371. October sunshine.
3372. God holding me close.
3373. A refreshing shower.
3374. Coming home to Sam and Vava after two days apart.
3375. Vava wearing her Peppa Pig costume to bed.
3376. Kachinvya in his carseat, so teensy tiny.
3377. Sam and Vava cuddling Kachinvya, careful and adoring.
3378. Coming home to my own house with my own family to be together always ... kind of heavenly.
3379. Gillian's visit.
3380. Walking into my bedroom and being surprised to find Kachi ... delicious new normal ♥.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

3351 to 3360

3351. Patrick being home today.
3352. Sick Sam loving his apple juice popsicles.
3353. Vava snuggling Sam when he fell asleep on the couch.
3354. Mom's help in painting the bathroom.
3355. Vava dressing up as a "Pip-ess Tiger."
3356. Patrick's laundry marathon.
3357. My uncle surviving a horrible crash.
3358. My loving family.
3359. The kids falling asleep right away.
3360. Watching a movie with my beautiful mama.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

3341 to 3350

3341. Vava's adorable excitement over her balloons and streamers.
3342. Presents and cake for breakfast.
3343. Sam helping Vava find her presents.
3344. Sam and Vava playing tea party.
3345. Our church family being thankful together.
3346. The way God makes beautiful things out of the dust.
3347. Hearing a birth mother thanking God for good adoptions.
3348. Making freezer meals with Mom and Patrick.
3349. Mom's delicious gf stuffing and orange-cranberry relish.
3350. Vava in bed in the dark, still playing tea-party with an unresponsive (sleeping) Sam.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

3331 to 3340

3331. My patient husband.
3332. My patient mama.
3333. Vava being so in love with her spyglass.
3334. Sunshine.
3335. Puttering outside with my mama.
3336. Sam's dramatic sleep positions.
3337. Prayers for patience.
3338. Cheetos at just the right time.
3339. Encouragement to endure with hope.
3340. Hearing my Dad's voice.

3321 to 3330

3321. Another day to enjoy my beautiful mama.
3322. Running into Stan at the store.
3323. Sam asking for chocolate ice lollies.
3324. Sam and Vava's hilarious early-morning conversation.
3325. Patrick coming with me to
3326. My appointment, which was better than I'd feared.
3327. God giving me another peek at how much I am governed by my own fear.
3328. Park playdate in gorgeous fall sunshine.
3329. Vava watching out the window for me to come home.
3330. Bubble tea and Pad Thai.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

3311 to 3320

3311. A Chapters playdate.
3312. My restful morning massage.
3313. Sweet texts from friends.
3314. Vava's adorable food belly at lunch.
3315. Sam's independent play.
3316. Sam wanting me to hold his hand and walk upstairs.
3317. Vava trying to tuck toys under my shirt for baby K, then squealing "he's so cuuute!"
3318. A gorgeous full moon.
3319. My husband ♥ my wonderful Patrick.
3320. Mom taking such care of me - of all of us!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3301 to 3310

3301. Sam's friend sharing his awesome new toy with him, generously and happily.
3302. Sunshine morning.
3303. Banana pumpkin loaf.
3304. Sam playing happily outside by himself in the leaves.
3305. Friendship and Coca-Cola.
3306. Cold rain drops dashing down.
3307. Mom and Patrick cleaning up after supper.
3308. Cheetos.
3309. A riveting new show.
3310. Mama crocheting baby K a beautiful turquoise blanket.