Thursday, April 17, 2014

1741 to 1750

1741. A nice visit with Diane.
1742. Chatting with my sister.
1743. A morning with Sam while Vava slept in.
1744. Playgroup.
1745. A nice grocery trip with the kids.
1746. Quiet afternoon, lots of time to read.
1747. Patrick coming home for a 4-day weekend.
1748. Taking the kids out to play together.
1749. Sam being gracious when another kid was mean.
1750. A goodbye visit from Micah.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1741 to 1750

1741. The kids wearing Patrick's hats because they missed him.
1742. Backyard full of smiling kids.
1743. Friend's generosity; a new baby seat & stroller.
1744. Hot tea after a chill.
1745. Cream cheese sugar-cookie squares.
1746. Vava bringing me my earrings, saying "ee-wing, get on!"
1747. Patrick cleaning up while I rested.
1748. Clean and fragrant kids after a much-needed bath.
1749. Reading friends' poetry.
1750. A warm blanket my mom made: the best kind of long-distance hug.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1731 to 1740

1731. Taking the kids for a walk in the sunshine.
1732. Girl Guide cookies.
1733. Chatting with my heart-sister.
1734. Going to the dentist ... more than an hour of relaxing alone while Patrick manned the kids. :)
1735. Coming home to excited kids waving from the window.
1736. Friends playing with the kids after supper.
1737. Vava pretending to be asleep, then shouting "up!"
1738. Patrick going to the store and buying Hawkins for me.
1739. Having all the housework done early.
1740. A hot shower.

Monday, April 14, 2014

1721 to 1730

1721. Kids being kind to each other after a cranky start to the day.
1722. Monday funday.
1723. Sam kissing my belly and saying hi baby!
1724. Patrick's funny texts.
1725. Having such a nice energy auditor.
1726. Playing outside on a chilly afternoon.
1727. Bruschetta and sausages for supper.
1728. Vava eagerly running up to a man in the mall and declaring "hi!"
1729. Dinosaur-ing the nice lady in Target.
1730. Kids not fighting bedtime at all.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

1711 to 1720

1711. Vava cuddling with Patrick, looked like she had his giant feet - belly laughs.
1712. Greeting at church this morning - so many friendly faces!
1713. Vava in her sparkly pink shoes.
1714. Sam playing gleefully with friends after Sunday school.
1715. Going out with a dress and a sweater - no boots or jacket!
1716. Leftover lunch.
1717. Delightful nap.
1718. Playdate supper..
1719. Catching up on my poetry challenge.
1720. Lounging, happy, with my One True Love.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

1701 to 1710

1701. The kids' excitement over Sam's new bed.
1702. Playing at Chapters and getting treats for the way home.
1703. Watermelon making everyone happy.
1704. Patrick taking a nice walk while the kids napped.
1705. Sam being so pumped to go to the sitter's.
1706. Friends for dinner.
1707. A poutine bar.
1708. Gorgeous pregnancy pics ... ooh I can't wait to meet our friends' precious darling!
1709. Rich chocolate cake.
1710. Good conversation and relaxation ... ahhh.

Friday, April 11, 2014

1691 to 1700

1691. Sam and Vava being happy and silly together in the car.
1692. A Moby wrap from a friend, for snuggling our sweet ray of sunshine in October.
1693. Reading the same Bible plan as Patrick.
1694. Pampered Chef orders arriving!
1695. Patrick setting up the new bed all alone.
1696. Running into friends while grocery shopping.
1697. Rubicon Pomegranate juice on sale. Mmm best ever.
1698. Sleepy hugs from Sam.
1699. Vava going to bed with Sam's new underwear on over her pyjamas.
1700. Hearing Spirit in the Sky and singing along with the kids, windows rolled down and sunshine pouring in.

1681 to 1690

1681. Getting the garbage to the curb on time.
1682. Playgroup fundate!
1683. Sam declaring "so happy now!" when we pulled in to Little Giants.
1684. Taking the kids to see Patrick at work.
1685. Beautiful miss Vava rocking Sam's old motorcycle jacket.
1686. An unexpected phone call from my brother ... and Sam thinking it was Grampie's voice he heard :).
1687. Sam being so excited to buy a new Percy-train he couldn't eat or drink.
1688. Sam referring to the dump as the dump truck.
1689. Getting rid of a whole bunch of broken junk and stuff!
1690. "There's two-a-dem!" Sam's comment on Vava making a friend her size at the store. ♥

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1671 to 1680

1671. My kind and even-tempered husband.
1672. Trucks hauling away snow from the intersection: hopefully no spring flooding in our basement!
1673. Sam seeing me pull the chairs away from the table, and automatically pulling the vacuum from the closet.
1674. Playdate Wednesday in the park.
1675. Kids gleeful in puddles.
1676. Afternoon visit and peanut butter cookies.
1677. Kids playing on the deck.
1678. Patrick barbecuing the perfect burgers.
1679. Sam and Vava chasing each other around the house and giggling.
1680. Sam showing me he was full by pretending his belly was so big it made him fall over. Skinny lil comedian.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1661 to 1670

1661. Seeing my sleepy face first thing in the morning, a worried Sam asking "you okay mama?"
1662. The sun wreaking havoc with the snow :).
1663. My kids rejoicing in the slush puddles and lighter jackets.
1664. Going to see the trains and finding a moving one when we arrived.
1665. My brave kids walking through waist-deep snow to play on the slides.
1666. The way Vava cries at coming inside, no matter how long we spend outside.
1667. Vava blowing kisses at the airplanes overhead.
1668. Sam shoveling the back deck, a few icy chunks at a time.
1669. Tackling the back stairs with Patrick.
1670. Relaxing with cookies and milk.

Monday, April 7, 2014

1651 to 1660

1651. Sam waking up chipper and ready to play.
1652. Patrick going to work for us ♥.
1653. After two timeouts for hitting, Vava transformed her slap mid-swing into an energetic point.
1654. Sam picking up all the blocks before naptime.
1655. An unexpected nice visit.
1656. Assurance that other moms are fighting the same repetitive battles.
1657. Vava falling asleep happy, book in hand.
1658. Sam's bedtime snack & snuggle.
1659. Such a great gymbook.
1660. Laughing with my love.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

1641 to 1650

1641. Vava and Patrick cuddling in his sleeping bag this morning.
1642. Sam wanting to be just like Grandpapa, with a "scarf" too! (A tie hehe)
1643. Vava getting tangled in her dress on the stairs, and Sam taking her hand to help her to the top.
1644. Vava being so excited that she was wearing a dress like mama.
1645. Wearing shoes instead of boots for the first time in a long time.
1646. Lunch with Grandmaman and Grandpapa before  they left.
1647. Playing in the park with the kids.
1648. Intrepid Vava tackling a giant puddle fearlessly.
1649. Sam telling the other cars on the road "can't catch me!"
1650. Played-out kids falling asleep instantly.