Saturday, May 28, 2011

best 40 minutes of your week

indescribable - by louie giglio

if you click on that link ^, it will take you to a youtube video, #1 of 5. 
if you can, take the time to check out all five.  they're amazing, and well worth the watch.
i'd love to read your reactions if you pop back & leave them in the comments!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

social sunday morning

all week i've been suffering from something that doesn't usually bother me - seasonal allergies! ugh.
mostly, it's been limited to early-morning sneezes, itchy eyes, and an itchy throat.
this morning, though, i woke up with such severe sneezes that i couldn't stop.  (sam no longer startles at my sneezes because they've become so frequent.)  i went through an entire double-roll of ultra-soft toilet paper, trying to stem the onslaught.

when i was still sneezing my face off half an hour before we were leaving for church, patrick suggested i stay home.  (smart guy ... i'd've blown everyone away)

the regular-strength claritin i've been taking just wasn't cutting it, so i decided to pack sam into his jollyjumper carrier and take him for a walk to the drugstore.

it's really foggy today (rare here, but so nice!), and mild, so in spite of frequent sneezings, i really enjoyed the walk.  and everyone i ran into just wanted to chat!

it made my heart warm.

first, i ran into an older lady who asked if she could see the baby (his hood was covering his face) and she told me about how her son used to love going for walks.  then there was another man nearby who came over to see sam too, and talked about carrying his kids on his back when he used to do surveying in the woods.  the three of us chatted for a few minutes about how much we love our kids and it was one of the most random and sweet conversations ever.

then, after i got some extra-strength meds, i was leaving shoppers and a middle aged man waved me over. he seemed like the tough-guy type - he definitely works out, and drives a big suv - so i was surprised that he asked "can i see him - her - ?"  i showed him sam, and he curled up his shoulders like he wanted to hug him.  "ohhhh, he's adorable!"  he groaned.  and he told me all about his 8-month old, and we discussed types of slings, and sam just snuggled me, sucking on his soother and being sweet.  finally the man turned to get in his car, and said, "oh, i'm going to cry.  he is too adorable."

i completely didn't expect that.

but i have to say, i agree.  sam is deliciously adorable.

so if you ever come to thunder bay and want to meet nice people, take a baby for a walk on a sunday morning.  it's the most social & friendly time of the week.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

the leak: update

since my last post about the leak, nothing has changed in the leakiness.
but everything has changed in the solution.
i tried making a plastic patch in the ceiling with a hole for the water to drain out.
unfortunately, the hole was too small and the plastic collapsed from the weight of the undrained water. 

i tried hanging something in the ceiling to catch the drips - no go.

then, i was filling the tub for sam and had an inspiration.
here is a picture of our bathroom pre-inspiration, with the leak running all over the toilet and the floor.

and this is the bathroom post-inspiration.  ta-dah!  (there's enough room under the shower curtain to sit without anything bonking your head.  i'm just not that great at drawing perspective.)

(the red thing is a clip that gathers and weighs down the shower curtain).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


sam has received so many amazing gifts.  they truly are treasures - handmade, storebought, carefully chosen, lovingly wrapped, sent with cards, given with kisses - so special.
the real treasures, though?
the people who sent them, and the love that prompted them to do so.

oh sam.  i hope & pray you grow up grateful for all the outrageous love that surrounds you, that you treasure and value the people who celebrate your birth.

dear friends.  dear friends!  thank you for loving sam with us.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the leak

our bathroom ceiling has had a slow leak for a long time. 
we told out landlord about it, and one day an older man came to check it out, but it didn't happen to be leaking at that moment, so he assured us there was no leak.

at first, a small hole appeared in the ceiling. 
then,  shreds of gyproc began falling down on us. 

it wouldn't even have bothered us too much if it wasn't directly over the toilet.  but it was, and having surprise showers while trying to have an uninterrupted moment was really unpleasant.  especially after straightening my hair.

so patrick cut away all the damp gyproc, leaving a sizable hole in the ceiling.  we put a bowl down to catch the drips, and as it didn't leak often, we weren't too worried about our landlord ignoring our assurances that we do indeed have a leak.

this week, the leak decided it meant business.  instead of an occasional round of drips, it rained constantly.  we emptied the bowl 3 or 4 times a day.  and we told the landlord that it wasn't livable, and yesterday a man came by.

he had repaired the leaky seal in the toilet upstairs.  (ew!)
and, wonder of wonders, our bathroom was dry!

he left his number for me to call & let him know how things went.

two hours later, the deluge began.

okay, i'm exaggerating.  it wasn't a deluge, but three more leaks opened up and peeing became torturous. 
step 1: dry off the toilet.
step 2: pee fast!
step 3: dry off all the drips you've caught on your back and hair.  ugh.

in the night, i woke up to find myself feeling around the base of sam's crib, frantically trying to find the leak.

clearly, this is getting to me.

so we called the fixit man this morning, and he told us he was going to completely replace the toilet upstairs.  we can hear him working away, so here's hoping our leak will soon be a distant memory.

while i was writing this, patrick innocently wandered into the bathroom for a visit.
i heard him groan, and come back out. 

it's like trying to decide if you have to pee in the middle of the night.  if you can wait at all, it's just not worth the hassle.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


YOUS is not a word!
The plural of you is you.

Friday, May 6, 2011

watermelon pie

so naughty.
so simple, fresh, & delicious

watermelon pie:
2+ cups of cubed watermelon
1 package of watermelon jello
250 mls whipping cream (ish - i didn't measure.)
pre-made graham pie crust

whip the cream, adding package of jello in the last few moments of whipping.
fold in cubed watermelon.  (taste it now.  you'll die of happiness).
pour into pie crust. (if anything survives the tasting).
chill in fridge for 3 hours. 
before serving, top with more melon. (not pictured).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my people

a few years ago my sister & her husband gave us a cd with songs by african artists.  the cd is long since lost, but one song stuck in our heads and we youtube it often.  it's La Femme Sans Haine (the woman without hatred) by ismael lo, from senegal.
there are a few lines that just get me.

ce que tu n'as pas defendu par les armes (that which you don't defend with arms)
ne croix pas le garder avec des larmes (don't believe you can keep with tears)
je m'en vais ou mon peuple va. (i am going where my people go.)

usually it's the first two lines that really make me think.  but patrick was playing this the other day when i was cleaning, and it made me wonder - who are my people
i don't have a tribe.  my family definitely counts, but i feel like my people should be bigger than that.

and then the obvious hit me.
christians.  these are my people.

in zambia.  in nova scotia.  in ontario. old.  young. dead.  living.  rich.  poor.
sinners, forgiven.
these are my people.

je m'en vais ou mon peuple va.
je m'en vais ou mon peuple va.

Revelation 5:9 - And they sang a new song, saying,"Worthy are you ... for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.

Monday, May 2, 2011

packing&moving part 3

sorry to be so long finishing this series!  i've been away, and just got back and settled.  (i spent a few hours cleaning tonight and it feels so good to be in my own home!)  this is the last installment in packing&moving, days 7-10.

day 7: clothes.  moving is a great opportunity to thin the herd.  while we pack, patrick & i always make sure we're filling up bags for donating as well as filling boxes for moving.  two tips:
1) set aside all the clothes you'll wear until moving day, then you won't have to worry from now til then.
2) pack all your favorite clothes first.  by the time you get to the less-favorite ones, you'll be less inclined to find a place to pack them, and they'll go more easily into the donation bag.

day 8: dishes&linens.  assuming a 10-day packing schedule, where day 10 is Moving Day, you now have 2 days left at home.  buy disposable dishes & utensils for the next few days and pack up your dishes.  Use your towels & linens to protect against breakage.  we liked to:
1) pack like dishes together.  it makes organizing in the new place so much easier.
2) pack any non-dish-protecting linens & bedding in a bag - it makes for lighter carrying on day 10.

day 9: cleaning supplies & dismantling day.  although this is cleaning day, there's bound to be stuff left to pack, and today is probably the hardest day to deal with.  so if there's anything left to pack, get it out of the way quickly and then clean.  :). we found that:
1) when dismantling furniture, it's easy to keep track of screws & things if you put them in a baggie taped to the furniture with packing tape.  (make sure the baggies are labeled in case they become separated from their furniture in the move.)
2) clean absolutely everything you can, even though there are likely boxes & dismantled furniture in the way.  you'll rest well and be less hassled on day 10.
3) pack up all your cleaning supplies at the end of the day, except a few rolls of paper towels, spray cleaner, and a broom.  you're done.

day 10: Moving Day!  happy hefting - enjoy the extra bicep exercise & count your blessings if you have good friends.