Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Seventy-one to Eighty

71. Ducks streaming through still water, shining in sunlight.
72. Sam pushing Vava in the stroller, bumping it right up to the edge of the bridge. "Wook, Va, ducks!"
73. Clapping "yay mama!" when I succeeded in putting on the mittens he'd been protesting against.
74. Friendly neighbours giving our kids an early treat.
75. Sam pretending to have and release a handful of helium balloons.
76. A stranger showing me her son's performance video in the mall.
77. Unexpectedly low repair bill :).
78. Hardworking hands, home from work, right into the dishpan.
79. Delicious lunch.
80. Quiet naptime, house still, tidiness restored.

Sixty-one to Seventy

61. A break from teething pain, crying, red cheeks.
62. Kids absorbed in the bath, new toys, splashing.
63. A shower, uninterrupted, while Sam was awake!
64. Laughing family run at dusk, baby legs eager and wobbly.
65. Grandparents' love arriving in the mail.
66. Vava's spontaneous "thank you".
67. Sam and Patrick's tower, eight feet tall and full of glee.
68. Sam blowing raspberries and laughing as only he can.
69. Cuddling with Vava under a navy sky.
70. Sweet sweet sleep.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fifty-one to Sixty

51. Playing in the park with a lovely friend.
52. Sam's infectious laugh.
53. Vava's new tooth.
54. Fried feta dipped in homemade marinara.
55. Government papers coming in on the very last possible day! Whew!
56. Early morning quiet, coffee, Bible.
57. Sparkly new earrings, hand-delivered from Prague.
58. Breaking out my wonderfully warm (and fantastic) giant toque.
59. Sam, finding me curled up with his stuffed monkey, brings me his soother and says "mama fweep."
60. Anbesol ... relief for little miss v.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Forty-one to fifty

41. Watching snow fall on a pitch-black morning.
42. My kids playing together, giggley elves in stripey jams.
43. Breakfast sizzling on the grill, music, and dancing with miss Vava. Recipe for a warm heart.
44. Vava loving spicy food.
45. Kids singing the number song together.
46. One True Love doing dishes.
47. Yogurt topped with blackberries.
48. Sam telling me about his day ("Sam mine! Kids cry." ... I think he might've had a sharing issue in Sunday school!)
49. Smiley faces Patrick drew on Vava's feet.
50. Coffee and playtime at Chapters with friends.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thirty-one to Forty

31. Friends around a table, faces bright and hearts glad.
32. Sleeping in ... ahhh such a Saturday!
33. Coming home to two glad welcomes and squeezy hugs.
34. Silly Sam-love.
35. Vava eating crackers like a boss.
36. Cuddles with cozy baby Phia.
37. Amazing babysitter and the peace of knowing my kids are in her good care.
38. Late-night treats and a good chat.
39. Grocery day ... full cupboard, full fridge, full thanks.
40. Nighttime silence as the house creaks itself to sleep.

Twenty-one to thirty

21. Snowpants from people we love, to keep our kids and hearts warm.
22. A huge pile of leaves at the park.
23. Chicken and bacon and tomatoes and basil and parmesan salad for lunch ... mmm.
24. Sam's beautiful smile.
25. Vava's little nose, red in the cold.
26. Warm soup, comfort and joy.
27. A good book and a hot bath.
28. I love you from my nephew.
29. An unexpected hug in the mall.
30. Answered prayer for a heartsore friend.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

eleven to twenty (1000 gifts)

11. white branches against a black sky, specked with stars.
12. sweet warm sleeper snuggled in my arms.
13. my sister's voice on the phone, so close.
14. a happy scene in the book i'm reading.
15. belly-laugh laughing with patrick.
16. sam putting his arms around vava, saying i love you.
17. bacon and hot sauce.
18. sam singing before bed.
19. hilarious vava barking at the mailman.
20. sam blowing kisses to blondes at red lights.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One-to-ten (1000 gifts)

1. Fuzzy socks in warm boots.
2. Naptimes coinciding.
3. Brave girl whooshing joy on the slide.
4. Busy boy holding my hand to cross the street.
5. Handsome kiss goodbye.
6. Morning coffee, waiting for me.
7. Toys all over the floor, crumbs of happy play.
8. Scripture Audio right on my phone.
9. Friends - so dear! - coming soon.
10. French onion soup with melty cheese.

Friday, October 18, 2013

how to make baked collard chips

there is a way to time your baked collard chips perfectly.

8 minutes at 375*, roughly ... but the perfect way is this:

when you've ripped out the spines and tossed the leaves in sesame oil, laid them flat on parchment paper on your favourite pan, and sprinkled them with zesty salt, pop them in the oven, and take out an absorbing book.

you must stand while reading, or the trick won't work.  sitting is too seductive.  stand at the counter, hunched like an ancient granny, chin in hand.  read your book until the smell of the baked collards catches your attention.  as soon as it pulls you out of that other world, fly to the oven, open the door, put on your oven mitts, and remove the pan.

they're flat and crisp and flakey ... perfectly, deliciously done.  now you can enjoy your book - and crispy greens.