Friday, February 28, 2014

1271 to 1280

1271. Birds playing tag in the frozen sky.
1272. Sam "doin' e-kizes" in the spare room closet.
1273. Sam and Vava playing dead and reviving with kisses.
1274. Both kids using the potty.
1275. Good news for our friends.
1276. Girls' night; snacks and relaxation and talking about our kids.
1277. Fantastic fresh-veggie pizza.
1278. Patrick wrangling Sam through the seven stages of sleep-refusal.
1279. The kids being so funny and amiable at supper.
1280. Our sweet neighbours bringing us strawberries ... taste of spring in a never-ending polar vortex.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

1261 to 1270

1261. A fun night with yummy treats.
1262. And lots of laughs.
1263. A husband who encourages me to go out and have fun.
1264. And does a great job of bossing the homefront.
1265. Hilarious Sam, who is growing more clever by the day.
1266. Chats with people I love.
1267. Light in the sky at 7pm!
1268. Not having to drive Patrick to work in -45.
1269. Vava wearing her tutu over her jeans to playgroup.
1270. Coming home to my very own lovely family. ♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1251 to 1260

1251. Hazelnut half-caf and grown-up conversation.
1252. Vava falling asleep in the car, and Sam gently touching her face.
1253. Quick date with my love.
1254. A fantastic babysitter.
1255. A good long nap.
1256. Hilarious Vava making us laugh.
1257. A sparkling tub.
1258. My gymbook making time race by.
1259. Vava gobbling her supper.
1260. Heart-stirring blogs. ♥

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1241 to 1250

1241. Sam and Vava playing together like an adorable (& naughty) dynamic duo.
1242. Reading my sister's blog.
1243. Hot apple cider and friendship.
1244. Sam trying to smile when I told him that only very happy boys could skip their naps.
1245. Vava getting jealous when I held Baby Off-sock.
1246. Hamburgers for supper and the sky was still light. It felt almost springish.
1247. Getting 5 loads of laundry put away.
1248. Vava napping with her bum up high.
1249. Music & lyrics while washing dishes.
1250. Happy texts. ♥

Monday, February 24, 2014

1231 to 1240

1231. Sam spooning his yogurt into Vava's mouth.
1232. Both kids protesting Jedidah's leaving.
1233. Vava bringing me their boots when I told the kids it was time to go.
1234. <- This sequence :).
1235. The radiant sunset.
1236. Calling my dad for car advice ♥.
1237. Patrick wrangling the kids like a boss at bedtime.
1238. Ginger ice cream.
1239. Fresh pineapple.
1240. Cocoa butter lotion for winter-dry skin.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

1221 to 1230

1221. Patrick putting Vava back to sleep in the middle of the night.
1222. Vava sleeping in.
1223. Yummy smoothie for breakfast.
1224. Trudi and PE's generosity.
1225. A car while ours is in the shop.
1226. Yummy lasagna.
1227. Sweet chats with our parents.
1228. Loving the same show as Jedidah.
1229. Carpet-bowling with the kids.
1230. My gorgeous new scarf, handknit in love. ♥

Saturday, February 22, 2014

1211 to 1220

1211. God-given grace in a trying night.
1212. Happy morning with friends.
1213. Banana pancakes and strawberries.
1214. The way Sam says "strawb'ries" with a little British accent.
1215. Sam scampering upstairs in the buff.
1216. Skype chat with Grandmaman and Grandpapa.
1217. Being reminded that You desire truth in the inner person - no façade.
1218. Vava playing happily alone while Sam napped.
1219. Jedidah and Chrissy teasing me ♥.
1220. Reading other grateful lists. ♥

1201 to 1210

1201. Playing in the early morning snow with Sam and Vava while Patrick shoveled.
1202. The kids' bright red faces.
1203. Cuddling with Sam after his nap.
1204. Shopping with lovelies for late-night treats.
1205. Patrick bathing the kids ... twice.
1206. Laughing with snorts.
1207. Sweet neighbours and window-waving.
1208. An extra day.
1209. Vava doing almost-somersaults.
1210. The kids making snow-angels and getting lost in the sky.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

1191 to 1200

1191. Indian fried bread! Yummo. Not as delicious as Sakeji's, but a little bit like it.
1192. Playing with pretend cookies at playgroup.
1193. Napping.
1194. Hearing my beautiful mama's voice.
1195. Chrissy's visit.
1196. -1! -1! -1!
1197. A clean kitchen over and over: Jedidah's love-note.
1198. Ordinary miracles.
1199. Silly songs.
1200. Sam and Vava holding hands in the car.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1181 to 1190

1181. Playing in the snow with Sam and Alexa.
1182. Having a good shovel, because there's actually too much snow in our backyard to play in. Up to my hips & over Sam's head.
1183. Vava lolling in the inflatable car, steering wildly and making driving sound effects.
1184. Vava praying before eating snow.
1185. Sam offering grapes to Jedidah: "auntie wike some?"
1186. Sam sturdily pulling his friend on the sled.
1187. Coffee date at Calico.
1188. Finding candy-coated fennel seeds at the store!
1189. Cuddles and peppa pig before the kids went to bed.
1190. Buying stuff for a dee-licious recipe.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1171 to 1180

1171. Warmer temperatures
1172. And sunshine
1173. And the kids had really short naps, or I probably wouldn't have even thought about
1174. Going outside!
1175. And walking to the candy store
1176. And playing in the snow
1177. Pulling the kids on the sled
1178. And Jedidah carrying Vava when she got tired of the sled
1179. All of us laughing at Sam
1180. And having a wonderful fresh-air time. ♥

Monday, February 17, 2014

1161 to 1170

1161. A relaxing morning with lovely friends.
1162. Jalapenos ♥.
1163. Not having to do the dishes this week (lazy much?!?).
1164. Sam saying yes, Vava needs a bath because she's stinky, smelly, dirty ... but she's not ugly. ♥
1165. Kids dressing up and being adorable.
1166. Vava trying over and over until she made a V on her own!
1167. Cozy late chats.
1168. Sleepy Sam in pyjamas and a hoodie.
1169. Sisters.
1170. Brothers.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

1151 to 1160

1151. Banana pancakes for breakfast.
1152. Warm sunshine to take the bite out of a cold day.
1153. Singing Man of Sorrows.
1154. Friends for dinner.
1155. Sam cheering for Vava.
1156. Vava taking her hat off, turning it around and putting it on backwards.
1157. Cozy blankets for my nap.
1158. Summer rolls.
1159. Making up things.
1160. Laughs.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

1141 to 1150

1141. Jedidah is here!
1142. A fun day with the kids.
1143. Sam and Vava being excited to see Jedidah and remembering her!
1144. Little Row's pretty party.
1145. Meeting new friends.
1146. Lots of hugs.
1147. Picnic supper in the living room.
1148. Vava in her skirt, running around yelling "Bum! Bum!" (It's been a long cold winter ;) )
1149. A good morning with the kids.
1150. Heart-happy music.

Friday, February 14, 2014

1131 to 1140

1131. Patrick cleaning up.
1132. Delicious cake from our sweet neighbour!
1133. Sam not being able to sleep because of his "big farts" (his words ... uttered with big-eyed solemnity).
1134. Tart grapes.
1135. Yummy Valentine's presents.
1136. Good friends, old and new.
1137. My beautiful Mussy turning 13 today.
1138. Sam and Vava making valentines for Patrick.
1139. Gorgeous music.
1140. Prayer. ♥

Thursday, February 13, 2014

1121 to 1130

1121. Kids cheering about going to playgroup.
1122. Sam and Vava dying dramatically, waiting for kisses to bring them to life.
1123. Vava loving blueberry tea.
1124. Sam telling me that Vava is naughty.
1125. Patrick coming home with treats just when I'm ravenous from shoveling.
1126. New clothes!
1127. Lemon & garlic & ginger chicken.
1128. Vava asking for hot sauce on her crackers.
1129. A beautiful nap.
1130. Health to live and enjoy this rich life.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1111 to 1120

1111. A cozy morning with a happy and sweet Sam while Vava slept in.
1112. Friends bringing cookies anf conversation♥.
1113. Vava dashing in and out of their room, softly calling hi bru til Sam woke up.
1114. Patrick giving the kids supper while I went out.
1115. Kind help with what would have been a tedious project.
1116. A peek into the cutest nursery ever.
1117. Making plans.
1118. Being married to such a fun man.
1119. Hilarious emoticons.
1120. Fun textversations.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1101 to 1110

1101. Sam & Vava kissing hello after naps.
1102. Sam calling Vava darlin'.
1103. Flax-crust pizza for supper.
1104. Post-hair-dryer hair.
1105. Going to the gym with my neighbour.
1106. Yummy snacks with Patrick.
1107. Vava's adorable conversation.
1108. Sunlight at suppertime.
1109. Patrick helping the kids to ride bikes in the basement.
1110. Sweet pictures of my littlest niece ♥.

Monday, February 10, 2014

1091 to 1100

1091. Friends coming to play.
1092. Sam sleeping so so late.
1093. Friends helping us with house repairs.
1094. Sam and Vava giggling, running around starkers before their bath.
1095. Vava coming to me when I asked her to, even though she knew it meant bedtime.
1096. Sam piling on the kisses to try and avoid timeout.
1097. Patrick sending me to bed and doing all the errands and chores.
1098. Vava's new tooth.
1099. Unending love.
1100. Amazing grace.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

1081 to 1090

1081. The toddler Sunday school class ♥.
1082. Bowling with friends.
1083. Tea with friends.
1084. Supper with friends.
1085. Sam blissing out on so much fun.
1086. Vava standing on her head, wearing her monkey jams.
1087. Father of the Bride ... an oldie but goodie.
1088. Talking with my siblings.
1089. Snuggles with Patrick.
1090. My strong and perfect plea.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

1071 to 1080

1071. Sleeping in, all four of us.
1072. Banana pancakes.
1073. Laughing with the silly-belly Sam.
1074. A lunch date with friends.
1075. Kids having a blast.
1076. Prepping our guest room for a special visit.
1077. The security of knowing Patrick is such a great Dad.
1078. A fantastic gym book making the miles fly by.
1079. Nacho date.
1080. Planking with friends.

Friday, February 7, 2014

1061 to 1070

1061. Happy adorables this morning.
1062. Moms' group.
1063. Sunshine!
1064. Skype laughs.
1065. New phone app.
1066. Patrick drawing on the mirror.
1067. Vava needing some extra loves.
1068. Sam making Vava laugh.
1069. The kids counting to ten in unison.
1070. Baby-offsock cuddles.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

1051 to 1060

1051. Waking up next to my One True Love.
1052. Early morning giggles.
1053. Making a silly video with an uncooperative (but adorable) Vava.
1054. Going to playgroup ♥.
1055. Patrick wrangling the kids and making supper while I napped.
1056. Patrick cleaning up after supper while I cuddled with Sam and Vava.
1057. A forgiving friend.
1058. Vava dressed up as a butterfly.
1059. Sam being so proud of his kitchen-help skills.
1060. Sam and Vava gobbling supper like champs.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

1041 to 1050

1041. Early morning quiet with Patrick.
1042. Low-carb homemade garlic fingers.
1043. Watching Jeopardy and cleaning during naptime.
1044. Unexpected $20 in superbucks.
1045. Vava doling out kisses during a grocery run.
1046. Sam being thrilled to help scan the groceries.
1047. Being married to a thinker.
1048. Patrick putting the garbage out.
1049. Going to bed with a tidy house.
1050. Reading in bed.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1031 to 1040

1031. Sam picking up all his crayons when asked, unsupervised and unnagged!
1032. Strolling down memory lane with facebook lookback.
1033. Both kids eating all three meals without much hassle!
1034. Seeing an adorable baby bump.
1035. Having a productive evening.
1036. Stealing a nap.
1037. Planking for 45 seconds.
1038. Patrick coming home and kissing me.
1039. Sam playing stop/go with 'lights' he made.
1040. Pineapple smoothies.

Monday, February 3, 2014

1021 to 1030

1021. A little nap.
1022. Inspiration to go to the gym.
1023. Visitors, hugs, happiness.
1024. Discovering I can highlight my phone Bible in coral, not just yellow and blue.
1025. The 'save' icon on this app being an old-school disk, which just makes me giggle.
1026. Vava putting her toy sheep to her ear and saying hello. :D
1027. Reading about God's love and protection over my friend's son.
1028. Chatting about adoption.
1029. Sam's birth parents, who have given us so much.
1030. Patrick coming home at lunch because the kids were cranky from the crack of dawn and he wanted to cheer me up. ♥ He cleaned up and made me coffee ... ahhh, just what I needed.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

1011 to 1020

1011. Sam greeted by two beauties with warm hugs in church this morning.
1012. Remembering Jesus' death, burial, resurrection!
1013. Amazing Grace on the violin.
1014. Kids napping long together.
1015. Stealing a good long nap with Patrick.
1016. Waking up to the three people I adore standing by the bed, holding out a raspberry mango smoothie for me.
1017. Giving Sam a joy-attack by taking him to the airport to watch the planes land.
1018. Snuggles on the couch and sleepy goodnight kisses from our up-late nuggets.
1019. Tidying and prepping some lunches with Patrick while listening to Mark Driscoll.
1020. Sweet messages from old friends.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

1001 to 1010

1001. The magical any-time-of-day calm that comes after a bath.
1002.  Groceries being cheaper than I expected.
1003. A nice visit from a wise old friend.
1004. A warm workout.
1005. Sam being so happy to stay up a little bit later.
1006. Plans coming together ♥.
1007. A luscious nap.
1008. Coming home to find Vava and Patrick doing the dishes and chatting.
1009. Long-distance inspiration.
1010. Soothing new lipgloss.