Saturday, May 23, 2009

a sunshiney weekend

friday morning i got up nice and early to go to peggy's cove with girls from my esl class - nayoung, seohyun, and bailey - and joey, who did the driving honours in her adorable new blue car. it was a beautiful day - clear and bright, and almost hot, even at 830 am. we were the first ones at the cove, so we had it all to ourselves for most of our visit - it was great! we ran around, took pics, and admired the ocean ... it was definitely showing off :)
then we dashed back to the 'fax so bailey could work at 1030.

can't visit peggy's without a picture of the lighthouse.

joey picked my nose. ew!

the girls had a blast getting cool pics (with the traditional post-office ... er, lighthouse).

i just liked this window.

the sky was blue, the view was lovely ...

killing time while seohyun ran to the car for fresh batteries ... this turned out to be my favorite pic!

today was beautiful again, so i took ashlin, marcella, and laurie to the dingle. we picnicked, played, ate ice cream, and explored the little beach. the girls found three starfish and saw a limo full of wedding people.
ashlin and marcella didn't want to wade into the water to pick up a starfish that was a little ways out, so laurie volunteered. when she came out of the water, her eyes were huge and she stuck her arms out and shivered. "it's freezing!" she said. "come snuggle with me," i told her. as she made her way toward me, she looked at me, pouting a little, and said (as serious as can be) "i think i'm sea-sick."
quite the landlubber :D

when we were on the way home, marcella suddenly worried that the cat would eat the starfish. ashlin brushed her fears aside, saying "we've got them in mcdonald's cups. she'll never suspect that!"

you never know ... maple is an astonishingly clever cat.


  1. i love it! :) great photos, babe ;)

  2. And waddaya know, Maple didn't suspect at all!! But, sadly, I must report that the starfish died. :( xoxo to you for giving my girlies a fun day!