Saturday, October 17, 2009

how marcella sees it

today i took ashlin and marcella with me to sell cupcakes at the market. they were game to get up early, bundle themselves in about seven layers, and come with me all the way to hubbards.

as we were walking from the car to the community barn, a flock of birds swooped from tree to tree. marcella looked up at them, and shook her head in that resigned, regretful way old people have when they realize times are changing.

"i think birds have forgotten how to fly in vees," she sighed, "i never see them doing it these days."

:) i love my nieces!


  1. Great pics. Thanks for taking them, cuteness!

  2. the girls had a blast taking self-portraits (and other crazy pics) with my magical see-yourself-display screen. they were so much fun. thanks for lending them to me.