Sunday, December 20, 2009

typewrecks: pique

i am a blog addict. i love to prowl from blog to blog to blog, reading, looking at pictures, laughing, crying, bookmarking recipes ...
however, my blog-reading is continually interrupted by the unpleasant presence of typos, bad spelling, and poor grammar.
spellcheck has done a lot to alleviate the pandemic of bad spelling. however, homonyms are toxic for spellcheck.
today's typewrecker is guilty of an all-too-common wreck:
"I decided to post a few pictures to peek your interest."
are you planning on peering through my computer screen to take a look at my face when i see your pictures, typewrecker?
peek - a quick or furtive look or glance; peep
peak - the pointed top of anything. - or - the highest or most important point or level.
pique - to affect with sharp irritation and resentment - or - to excite (interest, curiosity, etc.)


  1. Came across these lovelies recently: "They were just flaunting the law"; and "Judgement was meated out". My inner grammar teacher, who is normally kept silenced by my inner farm girl, was totally out of control, screaming and going bananas!

  2. :) It's even worse when the errors are in published books, which are supposed to be edited and proofread. "He became a mighty warrior who defended the seven forests against the desert Hoards who marched against them." I have more than once seen shone and shown confused in a book.

  3. i love that i'm not the only one!