Monday, June 21, 2010

innocent sowvillians

the other night i woke up with this in my head. who'd'a guessed: my sleeping self has the same lame sense of humor as my waking self.


  1. C'mon, who throws out bacon? It would NEVER make it to the slop pail.

  2. baha, so true. i should have said pork fat. that would make it into the pail, as long as dad wasn't around to make us eat it because that's where all the flavour is ... :).

  3. haha. pork fat... imagine if we were pigs and someone put pork fat in our food?

    it'd be like being served a plate of food and finding out that some of it was human fat.

    at least bacon is crisp and delicious. if it was human bacon, it'd be less disturbing than human fat, no matter how much flavour fat has.

    fat is just disturbing.