Thursday, November 8, 2012


^ that's how my lulu-niece said exhausted when she was little.  and it's fitting, because i'm too tired to breathe out that extra syllable.

i couldn't understand how it's after 2pm and i got nothing done, but was busy all day.   then i looked at the numbers and realized that on any given day, i spend at least 7 full hours putting food into someone else's mouth.  that's not even counting the food-related activities: prep, cooking, clean up, grocery shopping, washing the food (and spit up) off clothes, or dealing with the output a few hours later.  7 full hours, just feeding other bellies.  (i'd expect my own to be smaller than it is, at this rate ;))

i'm so tired right now that i'm actually going to rediaper, dress, and bundle the kids up.  i'm going to haul the double stroller out of the basement (while avoiding the dog poop i discovered on the wheels when i brought it in yesterday), and push the kids around town for an hour, and undo it all when we get back.  because doing all that is less tiring than playing tag or dodgeball or anything with sam in the livingroom :S

zzzzzzz . . .


  1. Then when you get home and they are ready to nap, ignore everything in the house and nap yourself!!!

  2. Nicely put----this is my life!! Its such a blessing tho...sometimes i feel like the only one who doesnt get much done in a day but is soooo tired!!!!

    Rachel T