Thursday, February 7, 2013


a few housebound weeks of infant teething, transitioning a toddler from a crib to a bed, failed attempts at potty training, and some other hard stuff can definitely knock this mama's train off the rails.

i found myself acting as if my kids were the enemy, and sleep was my goal.  bright, hopeful january had degenerated into a sludgey trudge through a whole bunch of muck at midnight without a map.  can i paint it any gloomier?  you get the idea.

last night i finally realized that was how i'd been seeing the kids.  enemies!?  ack!  oh, for shame!  hardly! 

so i sat down with my pen and my bible and i made a list of what i thought a good mom, a holy mom, looks like.

  • praying for my kids
  • being led by the Spirit through the day
  • not losing my temper
  • praising God with them
  • being an honest example
  • deliberately filling them with good things
  • cheering them for good choices
  • teaching them to lean on God
  • seeking their good above my own

the list went on, but you get the idea.  i stopped and looked it over and i cried when i realized i could only check off one of those things yesterday.

i decided it was time to make a mamafesto, a concise statement that summed up my mothering goals, so i could post it prominently and refer to it frequently.

this was what i came up with.  it's not particularly specific, but when i weigh my choices against it throughout the day, i hope it guides me into being a holy mom.



  1. Oh, Janelle! I think this will strike a chord in every mother's heart. I certainly did in mine. Praying for you as you seek to strive toward your goals. They are certainly God-honoring so you will have His support. xoxo

  2. the only difference between you and I is that you are open, frank and honest about your feelings... like your Mama says, what you write strikes a chord in every mother's heart, mine included. Praying for all the mamas who are struggling to make it in this evil world. God bless you and may you be a help to others.
    Love you xox

    Mama C