Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Seventy-one to Eighty

71. Ducks streaming through still water, shining in sunlight.
72. Sam pushing Vava in the stroller, bumping it right up to the edge of the bridge. "Wook, Va, ducks!"
73. Clapping "yay mama!" when I succeeded in putting on the mittens he'd been protesting against.
74. Friendly neighbours giving our kids an early treat.
75. Sam pretending to have and release a handful of helium balloons.
76. A stranger showing me her son's performance video in the mall.
77. Unexpectedly low repair bill :).
78. Hardworking hands, home from work, right into the dishpan.
79. Delicious lunch.
80. Quiet naptime, house still, tidiness restored.

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