Monday, February 3, 2014

1021 to 1030

1021. A little nap.
1022. Inspiration to go to the gym.
1023. Visitors, hugs, happiness.
1024. Discovering I can highlight my phone Bible in coral, not just yellow and blue.
1025. The 'save' icon on this app being an old-school disk, which just makes me giggle.
1026. Vava putting her toy sheep to her ear and saying hello. :D
1027. Reading about God's love and protection over my friend's son.
1028. Chatting about adoption.
1029. Sam's birth parents, who have given us so much.
1030. Patrick coming home at lunch because the kids were cranky from the crack of dawn and he wanted to cheer me up. ♥ He cleaned up and made me coffee ... ahhh, just what I needed.

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