Saturday, June 7, 2014

2221 to 2230

2221. Sam's sweet "you're pretty mama!"
2222. A happy morning with my three favourite people.
2223. A good long playdate with sweet kids.
2224. My energetic and awesome husband.
2225. Sam's skill and Vava's delicious ineptitude at water guns.
2226. More successes with the potty dinosaurs.
2227. Sam telling us he was ready to leave the park by getting off the swing and walking to the car.
2228. Vava carrying a lollipop around the store, hat on backwards and giant shoes at the end of her adorable skinny legs.
2229. Sam asking to look in my eyes, then nodding, "hmmm, interesting!" Funny darling.
2230. A foot rub from my one true love.

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