Friday, July 4, 2014

2401 to 2470

2401. Safety on the gorgeous winding highway.
2402. Breathtaking views.
2403. Adventures in Odyssey to pass the time.
2404. Fog and beauty in Terrace Bay.
2405. Unexpectedly lovely beach.
2406. Stretching our legs and playing in the waves.
2407. Playground with swings ... happy Vava.
2408. Sam asleep.
2409. Vava asleep.
2410. Too-hyper, car-fever-ish kids being silly and adorable in Wal-Mart.
2411. Arriving within minutes of our dear-loves!
2412. The cutest little cottage and bunkie.
2413. Fresh breeze.
2414. Rippling water.
2415. Sandy shore.
2416. Hugs from sweet nieces!
2417. Hugs from their parents.
2418. Eating dinner on the deck.
2419. A spitting pine.
2420. Radiant sunset.
2421. Sunporch bedroom for our family ... cozy and sweet.
2422. Kids crawling into our bed in the middle of the night.
2423. Showing them stars and fireflies twinkling outside.
2424. Lying in bed and hearing the waves lapping at the shore.
2425. The kids' bliss at waking to the blue-sky, silky-lake view.
2426. Chad's coffee - even stronger than Patrick's :).
2427. Vava and Miqa sitting on the floor, eating cereal together.
2428. Lounge chairs on the beach.
2429. Pickles!
2430. A hot and perfect first full day.
2431. Old VHS movies.
2432. Popping kernels straight in the microwave.
2433. Playing bananagrams.
2434. Playing taboo.
2435. Playing Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.
2436. The kids wearing their PJs from Grandmaman.
2437. Going to the Tractor Trot.
2438. All the kids being fascinated and absorbed by the parade.
2439. A fun stroll through pretty Richards Landing.
2440. Sidewalk sales.
2441. Sam "smashing bugs" (swatting mosquitoes).
2442. Sam talking about his big cousins (aunt & uncle) and baby cousins (2 are older than he is).
2443. Baby M's sweet temperament.
2445. K's hilarious announcement, when dessert was finished: "my body is turning food into poop!"
2446. J's care for her sisters.
2447. Vava loving uncle C's crab imitation, "clack clack clack!"
2448. Clean laundry.
2449. Horatio Hornblower.
2450. A note from a much-missed friend.
2451. Answered prayer.
2452. Cute maternity jeans, just when I needed them!
2453. Gouda.
2454. Patrick being such a hands-on dad.
2456. Chatting with my SIL all day.
2457. J's amazing playground skills.
2458. K's injury being fixed quickly with a little YouTube help.
2459. Fresh oatmeal cookies from our neighbour/host.
2460. Decadent flourless chocolate cake.
2461. Sam and Vava loving their cousins.
2462. Evening treats by the fire.
2463. Chatting late into the night.
2464. Showers to wash away the unbelievable stinkiness of old smoke.
2465. Iced coffee.
2466. S&V watching a storm roll in, from the coziness of our bed in the early morning.
2467. All the kids dancing and singing Jesus Loves Me.
2468. Filled-up hearts to bring home.
2469. A quicker drive home than we expected.
2470. Safety through sunshine, fog, and thunderstorms.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwe, it sounds like you guys had a wonderful week away!!! I was so excited to read about it :) ♥♥ Chrissy