Thursday, September 4, 2014

3001 to 3010

3001. Amazon order arriving - new reusable applesauce pouches are a big hit!
3002. Quiet lunch to myself while Sam & Vava napped.
3003. Sunshine after rain.
3004. Earl Grey Tea and company.
3005. Jesus being in the boat.  Not watching it. Not monitoring it. In it. Peace!
3006. God working His righteousness ... not just expecting me to, and blaming me when I fail, but planning and helping and guiding me in it. ♥ blessed.
3007. Relaxing in the sunshine.
3008. Pumpkin pie soap.
3009. A gorgeous massage.
3010. Coming home to supper with my love and the kids already bathed & in bed. Ahhh.

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