Tuesday, November 11, 2014

3511 to 3520

3511. Coffee.
3512. Your help.
3513. A still moment of fresh air, breathing alone in the frost-tipped backyard.
3514. Sam pretending to be Santa, singing to himself.
3515. Sam apologizing, after I asked his forgiveness for losing my temper: "I'm sorry for disobeying, mama. I'm sorry for making a big mess. I'm sorry for being naughty. I'm so sorry."
3516. Your prayer-answer, coming quietly.
3517. Kachi swimming in the tub.
3518. The kids gobbling veggie soup.
3519. Passionfruit scented shampoo ... sweet nostalgia.
3520. Kachinvya's sneezes: two achoos and a groan.

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