Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Gift from My Daughter, Age 2

You burst into our world like a butterfly
Stretching from your chrysalis of infancy 
Into this beauty you wear
Beautifully unaware

I promised myself I wouldn't contribute
To the inevitable smudging of your clear sight
And so when I see your precious face
I stand before the mirror and rejoice

I stand on the scale and celebrate
I pick out clothes with joy
Choosing to be glad in this body before you
Before you learn anything else

And your little presence
Has showered on me this huge gift:
I look in the mirror and rejoice
Because I see you

This - the nose that will be yours someday
The freckles (yours, so far just two delicious drops),
The hair, the chin, the smile-lines
All mine, but also, inevitably yours.

And you

You are unbelievably beautiful.
And so I
Must be beautiful too.

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