Saturday, June 6, 2015

One of Those Perfect Saturdays

We woke up to sunshine today, so decided to try taking the kids on a hike.
Patrick wrangled them into their clothes while I threw a picnic together, then we swiped on some sun cream and headed out to the Cascades.

It was gorgeous outside.  The sun was hot and the breeze was cool and constant, keeping bugs at bay.  Clouds sailed high in the sky like kites, and birds chirped from every tree.

Kachi snuggled against me in his carrier, adorable and silly, trying to pick up the freckles from my collarbones.  Sam and Vava were on the lookout for "aminals" ... zebras and kangaroos and crocodiles and lions.  They did find ants, bumblebees, birds, and dogs (and even a dog named Joey), but they were pretty bummed at the lack of wildlife.  (Curious George, I blame you for their high expectations!)

Their faces lit and they stood still with astonishment and joy when they saw the Cascades.

They ran wild and brave across the huge rocks and watched the water churning foam below.

We picnicked in the sunshine and Vava was Big Brown Dog but Sam and Kachi were just Sam and Kachi, three happy goons gobbling cheese and grapes and peanut-butter crackers with fresh-air appetites. 

They looked for kangaroos the whole ride home.

It was just one of those perfect Saturdays, when my heart could burst for gladness.

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