Thursday, May 4, 2017

Love Gift

Pascal is growing and changing so quickly.  He's already in the hilarious and clumsy stage where he tries to shove his soother - his sucie - into my mouth.  He shakes and pants with happiness, yanking it out of his own mouth and grinning wildly while pushing it toward mine. And while I obviously don't want it, I'm just smitten with the fact that his heart is already beating with the gorgeous truth that pervades all existence ... when we love someone, we give them our best.

Love gives.

And gives.

And gives.

And so I find myself with streaks of drool on my face, staring into the joyful generous eyes of an 8-month-old, heart pounding with love.  Because the fingerprints of the Great Giver are everywhere.  Yes - even on a raggedy old sucie.


1 comment:

  1. I love you and I love your perception your soul is beautiful and so full of gratefulness every moment every little treasure. This is what makes you so uniquely you. I always told my brother his wife would be something else.....and here you are!!