Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Afternoon Nap

I'm lying on the couch by the open screen door. 

A storm is rolling in. The sound of raindrops and thunder come right through the screen with the suddenly fresh breeze.

The house is quiet. My family is out, and I am home with a sleeping Scally.  I don't plan on moving til they get back. 

This perfect silence, this purring wind, this solitude is mine.

I fall asleep in the bliss of stillness ... and am jolted awake with a bang.

In confusion and fear, I think someone has dashed into my house and the bang is the sound of the door closing behind them.  Glued to the couch, but shaking in terror, I try to collect my thoughts and form a plan.

And then I realize ... the bang was the sound of a mouse trap being tripped, and I have been saved from a different sort of intruder.

The shaking slows, stops, and my heartbeat quiets to its usual rhythms. I can breathe normally again.

If I lie here long enough, someone else will come home and get rid of it, right? 


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