Thursday, June 11, 2009

birthday pies and bike rides

june 10th was dad's birthday. i promised to bake him a cake, but when i was in the grocery store, i saw pie shells and remembered how much dad likes pie. so instead of a cake, i made him two birthday pies!
this was all fine and dandy. however ...
patrick and i are selling our car. it needs an inspection and we've taken the insurance off it. we got bikes to get around town, but when it came time to take the pies over to mom and dad's place ...
undaunted, we packed each pie into a reusable grocery bag with wide flat bottoms (the kind you get when you eat too much pie). then we slung the bags around our necks and the pies hung down in front of our bellies (the kind you get when you eat too much pie). then we had the most bow-legged bike-trip over to mom and dad's ...
people looked at us like we were crazy (we probably were) and i hardly dared do a shoulder check in case i upset the pie. patrick got tired of having his hung around his neck, and moved it to his handlebar. i groaned inside everytime his knee went up - bonk, up - bonk ...
but at long last, the pies arrived safely (a little jiggled - but intact).
the ride home was much more fun. the night air was warm and soft, and traffic was so light we even rode side by side and held hands for a bit. coming home after a bike ride is so much more satisfying than coming home after a trip in the car ... and i think patrick loves it because i can't backseat drive - i'm too busy riding my own bike to give him advice ;)


  1. darn. now you've guessed my primary motivation for selling the car!

  2. Now you just need baskets on the front of your bikes, with big baguettes sticking out!