Thursday, June 25, 2009

the sissy has an ultrasonic day

as it turns out, i'm a sissy. well, to put it more accurately ... a cyst-y. today i found out that i've got a cyst, and that was what had turned me into a wimping (and rather worried) mama-to-be. i've been having a lot of pain the past few days, and i was beginning to fear that my baby (babies?) had hunkered down in my fallopian tubes ... :S.
needless to say, after a few anxious days, today's ultrasound was a big relief.
after a painful walk through a gorgeously green and sunny halifax (hooray for the rain, now that it's gone!), patrick and i sat nervously in the ultrasound room - eyeing the ultrasonic wand with something other than joy and delight. what were we about to discover ... was this so-new pregnancy about to end in sadness? was i going to ever be a mother at all? or, worse thought, was i going to be the new octomom?
all the trepidation disappeared, however, when the doctor showed us a beautiful, healthy, thumping little grain of rice on the screen. when i heard patrick gasp, i could barely look away from the screen to look at his amazing face - we gripped hands and watched our little baby thump thump thump its existence with all its might.
the doctor took a few pictures, did some measuring, and then reassured us about my cyst (apparently everything is okay ... i've just got to stick the pain out for now).
we left the hospital in relief - joy - awe ...
in four weeks, we get to go back and look at the little bean/pickle/belzoir all over again. :). i'm so excited to see how much our baby grows!


  1. much fear and anticipation...and so much relief and joy. I can't wait - You will be great parents:)

  2. darling! you're the least sissiest person i've ever married! you have a cyst! those things freakin' hurt!

  3. Oh my goodness Janelle ! I can't believe you are pregnant, how wonderful :) .. I just remembered something you posted online a while ago about your 12 childrens names, and I laughed to myself, excited to see which one it will be. You are both going to be marvelous parents that excel in showing your child/children Christ everyday ! I'll be praying for you and your cyst ;) xo