Saturday, July 11, 2009

bed rest and the baby bean

last week we had an awesome visit from chad and leanne and their adorable little darling, jelena. we had so much fun with them (and seriously not enough sleep) and can't wait until they come back again. which they might do early next year ... when our baby is due.
unfortunately, i'm having complications with the pregnancy. i'm on bed rest for a week, and i'm exhausted with all this laying around. it's SOOOOOOO boring. and after two weeks of contsant rain, the sun is bursting out in all its glory ... while i wimp about it, trapped in our apartment.

okay, there are bright sides to all this. everyone has been so kind and supportive, and i've had phone calls, emails, and visits from friends sharing their love. joey came to visit me three times this week, and nieche and crystal came too, with all their kids, on thursday. mom and dad and aunt jeannette came over last night. emily called and wanted to stop in, but being a genius and self-saboteur, i had accidentally unplugged the phone. so here's hoping she doesn't get discouraged from trying again :).

and one added bonus is my wonderful doctor. she got me in for an ultrasound right away, and this time we got to keep the picture :). so here is our little baby bean, tiny as can be and fighting for life ... but still there :).

thanks to everyone for praying. my Saviour is giving me strength. xo.


  1. aww, isn't our baby beautiful? i can already see the resemblance to its super awesomely attractive mother ;)

  2. i called you yesterday too, and so did sneich. ha, i miss you. we were in halifax and i had a busted knee and couldn't do much so i was gonna come for a visit. i sure know how to ruin a honeymoon eh?

  3. Yah, Pat - they're both a bit bean-y, aren't they? :)