Monday, November 2, 2009

the swine flu

sunday afternoon i was working away busily, trying to create the coolest possible lesson on war poetry for my class. the sun set startlingly early - and then i remembered daylight savings time - and then i noticed i was incredibly sore. i thought it must have been from being hunched up at my desk, working on lesson plans for hours ... and suddenly my chest exploded with a hack, my head started to pound, and i realized i'd been hit ... with the swine flu.
i missed class today, and they don't want me back until thursday. so i'm trying to look at the bright side. HA just kidding, it's pretty much all bright side. i get more sleep, more time to think up some shazam lessons, and more time to snuggle with patrick.
God sends some really nice gifts, in some really weird packages.


  1. The "more sleep" part sounds great. Can you cough in my direction, please? The best part is, it's the perfect excuse to miss anything - nobody's even gonna question you!