Monday, January 4, 2010

i love him

i called my sister today, but she wasn't home. her cute mother-in-law was watching the kids, and just when we were about to hang up, she said "oh, oh, laurie wants to talk to you."
so my sweet little lolo came on the phone and told me she was doing her homework. she had to make sentences for a list of words. she needed a sentence with "him" in it.
i asked her what she does to her papa. she told me, "i love him!"

which is pretty much the best sentence in the world.

i was really tear-y tonight when patrick went to work (stress-residue from my first day back at school i think). he's just so awesome, and it's hard now that i'm working all day because i don't even get to see him in the mornings anymore. i'm gone before he gets home. so it's really hard to say goodbye for a whole day, every night.

when i came home from school today, i had a bath and watched tv. patrick woke up and noticed how tired i was. so he put me to bed, then crawled in with me to read. i asked him if he'd mind reading me to sleep ... so he did. then he got up and made himself supper and did the dishes. he takes good care of me. i feel ridiculously spoiled, especially because he does things for me when i have no energy or time to reciprocate.

what do i do to patrick? i love him.


  1. aw, darling. i love you too.
    really. i do.

  2. dear Janelle, there's nothing ridiculous about being spoiled by your hubby - I'm so thankful he takes time to consider you and your feelings....he truly is a good man and I'm thankful he has you because you show your appreciation of him and that is exactly what he needs and probably all he will ever need! I love you sweet daughter-in-law xoxox

  3. No wonder you love him. But, also, no wonder he loves you. I love the way you two care for each other. Don't ever stop. You are an inspiration.