Saturday, January 23, 2010

really busy week

sigh of relief that this week is over.
i was insanely busy on practicum this week. it was the last week of the semester, so kids were handing in late assignments all week, on top of their regular work. i think i have a cramp in my hand from editing essays.
also, my inner editor has had too much free reign.
patrick was talking to me, and my inner editor said, "sentence fragment. awkward wording. revise."

last night was fun: a bunch of friends came over for a sandwich party (even though i had sent out an invitation and ignored them all for the rest of the week), and we played a homemade version of catch-phrase afterward.
today was also fun: ang hosted a baby shower for reemo, and it was done in her trademark better-than-martha style. (homemade pompoms, fruit skewers, fresh flowers, just to name a few of the delicious details)
tonight we hung out at bekah's and then hit the hill behind gorsebrook jr high ... best sledding ever. the sky was starry and when i laid at the bottom of the hill after a whooshy ride down, the stars glimmered at me.

i'm looking forward to exam week next week. no classes to teach and a lot of marking to do (and i'm already used to that ...). here's hoping we get all the marking done during school hours!
(sentence fragment. revise).

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