Tuesday, December 28, 2010

our news

we're adopting!  
God has blessed us with a wonderful gift, a gift that reflects His own heart in so many ways.
in march, we will be adopting - not a hippo, a pelican, or a giraffe - but a brand-new baby boy :).

how it happened:
patrick and i have wanted to have a family for a long time.  ever since losing our baby in 2009, we have been looking into different ways to deal with my pcos and the infertility/difficulty carrying a baby that comes with it.  it's pretty disheartening, and we also started looking into adoption.  knowing the costs that adoptions entail, however, we didn't seriously consider it as an immediate option, since patrick's still in school and i'm not able to get a teaching job here in tbay.
on my first day at work, i met a lovely girl.  she was pretty, and sweet, and competent.  we had a lot of time to sit and chat, and since we're both pretty open about our lives, managed to share a lot of personal stories with each other.   i told her about my miscarriage and longing to have a child; she shared with me her sorrow about being unable to keep her baby.  i felt my heart leap, but didn't say anything.  (how do you ask someone to please give you her baby?)
a few days later, she confided that she had found someone she thought would be perfect to adopt the baby (she didn't want to go through an agency - that was too cold & impersonal, and also, she wanted to know her baby would be raised by christian parents, but she hadn't been able to find anyone she felt was just right).  she laughed and said she didn't know how to approach the prospective parents - she didn't know how to ask them if they would consider taking her baby.  i said, yes, it would be awkward - and awkward for them too, if they didn't know how to make it known that they would love to adopt her baby so she could feel comfortable asking.
"you, for example" she said "i would love it if you would be interested in adopting the baby.  but how would i ask you?"


it was like God simply placed this gift into our hands.  patrick and i had been praying - and continued to pray! - about this.  and just felt comfort and peace.  Jesus was adopted - raised by joseph as his son.  and God adopts us into His family.  and God gave up His Son - for our abundant life.  if God has done so much through the beauty of adoption, maybe He wants to do this for us - and for the baby - as well.

so, we've met with an adoption practitioner everything is getting under way.  we've got paperwork coming out our ears :).

also, we have some beautiful ultrasound pictures - one in particular melts my heart: he's sucking his thumb and rubbing his ear with his other hand, just like my nephew used to do when he was a baby.  i can't wait to meet this kid face to face.

here are some answers to the most popular questions we've had so far:
1) yes, we do know the birth mom might change her mind.  yes, we're keeping that in mind.  (in response, i just want to say that there is a higher rate of miscarriage than of this happening, and it's definitely considered taboo to tell a pregnant woman she could likely miscarry.  adopting moms are no less emotionally invested or in love with the baby than other moms, and are completely aware of this possibility.)

2) we're currently going through a homestudy and taking adoption classes.  we're following all the proper legal channels, and the baby will be legally totally wonderfully ours 29 sweet days after he is born.  (we will be taking him home from the hospital, but the adoption can be voided up to 29 days after his birth.)

3) it will be an open adoption, but precise details about what this means for all of us are still in process of being sorted out.

so, that's our story.  please pray for both birth mom and baby.  :)


  1. wow, wow, wow!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! this is awesome:) Congrats!

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I'm running to tell Daniel now :) Congratulations :) I'm crying here - love you!

  3. :D G R I N

    kudos to what Ashley said!

  4. Dee and Uncle Ken...toola tooDecember 28, 2010 at 2:35 PM

    Awww you guys...what can I say? God is so good and his timing is always perfect!!! We are so excited for you and can't wait to hear the updates. you will be awesome wonderful parents and we couldn't be more excited for you. xo from us.

  5. I am so happy for you guys!! You will be amazing parents and that babe will be extrememly blessed to be apart of your family!!!

    That is the most wonderful news I have heard all holiday. I am absolutely overjoyed for both of you. You will be great parents. So what is the big day?

  7. We are overjoyed for both of you! Isn't God's timing always perfect?! Your story is filled with joy and peace and it will be used of the Lord to touch many lives!

    We'll be praying for the entire journey and afterwards ... for the birth mom as well as she later deals with *empty arms*, even as the Lord fills yours!

    Ed & Dallas

  8. I'm so excited for you guys and and if you guys want, I have a box of Mac's used (but clean) clothes that I will send down to you. Carole said they'll be going down some time in Feb. Can't wait to meet the little guy. You'll be fantastic parents.

  9. What a wonderful blessing for both of you and for the baby too. Praying that all will go according to God's plan for you.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your story Janelle! Papa Gerry and I are very excited for you and we know that this has to be a "God" thing.
    We love you and support you through this!

  11. That is such wonderful news. I am excited and pleased for you as I know you will make wonderful parents. This baby will be loved to death.
    How amazing is our God. Nothing is impossible with Him.
    Looking forward with you for the arrival of the new addition to your household. God does work in mysterious ways. Love ya. Tante Doe

  12. Hey Pat and Janelle

    So excited for you both! We will definitely be praying for you all (you two, baby, and birth mom). Here we all thought the move to Thunder Bay was for Pat's education... God obviously had much bigger plans!

  13. This is fantastic. What a great story!

  14. Adoption absolutely is a God thing, in SO many ways. It just makes you shake your head and think, 'Wow, we have an AMAZING God'. And that we do.

    So thrilled and we're praying for you all, that God will prepare all your hearts for this.

    Hugs, Jill. xoxox

  15. Wow this is fantastic, what a blessing for both you and the baby to have each other. This was truly meant to be and I know you two are bound to be wonderful parents and that baby will be very lucky to have you. Congrats, I am so proud and happy for you both! Love Tillysha xoxo

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this Janelle I am soo happy for the both of you congratulations.. I wish i could give you both a biiiiiig hug.. And thanks for the beautiful words you had to say about adoption,, as im adopted myself and it really spoke to me what you had to say. Love you lots Erin and paisley

  17. Aww, Janelle, I'm so happy for you both!! I can't wait to see some pictures!
    Lots of love,

  18. Im so very happy for both of you!!!!! I know you will make a fantastic mom!!! And Patrick a great dad!!! I wish I could hug you right now...lol! Praying for you all!!! xoxo
    <3 Lydia.

  19. Janelle & Patrick,

    This is such wonderful news for you both. God is good and works in different ways. I believe God put you and the birth mother to unite for this purpose. I will pray for all of you going through this joyous time. Best wishes and again congrats! xo

    Kim Cole :)

  20. My dear friends, it is me, Carol.

    God surprises me everyday!!!It is so amazing that you went to that city because Patrick was going to finish his studies, then God gave you that job, because from the beginning He had this wonderful plan for you two! I am really, really happy, I cannot find the word in English to tell you all the things that I want to.
    You are always in our hearts and in our prayers but now we know in which direction we need to pray.
    Love you a lot, I hope God blessings will be part of your lives forever.
    Carol (and Jimmy)

  21. I am very happy for both of you. You will make great parents
    Aunt Jacky

  22. AWWW thats an answer to prayer.. God is so good and hes put you there for a reason..I can't be more excited for you than hearing your JOY as you write this from your hearts,,Your going to have a wonderful testimony to share with others as you give God all the Glory.. he knows who and when to put in your path that needs there prayers answered to.this is Gods plan for you all. God Bless you both its got to be exciting and your going to make great parents... I'm so excited for you...thats wonderful news..
    Roger and I send out love and we'll continue to pray that this all goes as God has planned ut to go. hes an awsome God....love you honey.
    Aunt Sherrie and Uncle Roger..

  23. Isn't it amazing how God works things out?! Prepares our hearts, things start to look bleek, then BAM! A wonderful blessing! This is so exciting, I pray that everything works out for you guys.
    God Bless, Nancy

  24. How blessed you are! Just wanted to let you know that friends of our's have adopted through Jewels for Jesus.


  25. I am so happy for you. I have adopted and it brings great joy. I have been asked..How can you love him like your own?" I reply he will NEVER be less than our own and I love him the same. Later on I had two children of my own and I can honestly say there is no difference with all three. We can ask ousleves too..Can God really love us as His own? since we are adopted into His family..the answer would be Yes!! Congrats....I know things wil be blessed for you both!!