Monday, January 10, 2011

tangy zesty rice

i've been sick all week, and haven't gone anywhere or done anything.  i've got that miserable cold that's going around and even nyquil hardly makes a dent in it.  anyway, by saturday i needed cold meds, and some groceries (we were down to the brilliant choices of pasta, pasta, or pasta ...) so we hoofed it to superstore and snagged some drugs and food.
on our way home, a really nice older couple stopped and offered us a lift - which we didn't refuse - it was so nice to just sit and let the car do the work of getting us home :).
anyway, when we were at the store, we saw our favorite peanuts - chili & lime flavoured kettle cooked peanuts, just in the bulk section, so we snagged some.   and we got some cilantro, because it makes even the most monotonous pasta amazing.  and some other stuff.
when we got home, though, inspiration struck and we tossed together this fabulously flavourful little rice dish.
here it is:

prepared rice
chopped fresh cilantro
chili & lime flavoured peanuts
lemon juice
and really, just pop the first 3 ingredients into a bowl, splash in some lemon juice ... and your tastebuds will think they've died and gone to heaven.  yum!  the chili & lime on the peanuts make beautiful music with the fresh burst of cilantro, and the lemon just zings it all together. let me know if you try it, if you like it, what you do differently.


  1. looks really yummy! you are a woman of many talents Janelle - sometimes I think you should be a chef!