Monday, January 31, 2011

hello, stranger

it's 1am.  i've been lying in bed trying to fall asleep for an hour.
all i can think about is the rather astonishing fact that our baby is due in five weeks and five days.

the adoption process is nowhere near ready.  our joblessness has been holding it up - so for those of you who pray, please add us to your list!  it's been a big stress for me the past few weeks, to say the least ... but this week, the Lord just told me to sit back and watch Him work.

so i have been, and will keep on, trusting Him.

(on that note,i am loving this post from kelly at life[revealed].)

today an amazing couple from church offered me a permanent ('til school's out) part-time position as a tutor.  so we'll see how it goes from here.  hopefully this will be enough to move everything forward!

last night, i slept soundly.  this morning, a lady in church asked me if i was too excited to sleep.  i smiled inside, thinking me?  too excited to sleep?  never.  i love sleep.  turns out, she's quite the prophetess.  i've got a lot to do in the next few weeks and i can't stop thinking about all of it.

i keep seeing stacks of onesies and newborn diapers and bottles and nursing blankets appearing on the closet shelves.  soft little towels and tiny tiny socks.  baby shampoo.  wipes.  soothers.  all the accoutrements of awesomeness.

i keep trying to picture his face.  what will he look like?  hair?  eyes?  nose?  will he be snuggly and demonstrative? a quiet, independent sort of kid?  will he have allergies?  be fussy?  be a good sleeper?  what if he gets sick?  what if i drop him? will people think we're a family?  will he truly feel mine, right from the start?  am i actually going to be a mom - after all this time?  what if something happens and the adoption is canceled? 

i know this is all in Jesus' hands.  and, no matter what happens, i know that His way is best.  i don't want to miss out on something just because it contains the possibility for heartbreak.  any good thing contains the seed of sorrow.

i can't wait to meet my little stranger.


  1. You and your family are in the greatest hands in the whole universe. God is so much greater than we can even understand. He is at tomorrow before we ever will be, there to guide us in love, AND He's the same today as He was yesterday, and He will be in all the days to come. Praying for your sweet family, we will all be triumphant in Christ!

  2. hey dude:) i love you. and the baby. :D

  3. This is so awesome Janelle. I am so excited for you and your little but bigger family. It makes me so happy inside just thinking of the first time you get to see and meet your little man. So happy for you. I'll be praying and thinking of you until I see that he is safe at home in your arms.

  4. 1. You will love him because he's yours.
    2. You eventually will drop him but it's OK - every parent out there has dropped their kid and babies are so resilient it wouldn't be pushing reality too far to say that they bounce.
    3. Mac didn't feel like mine for about two weeks - don't get me wrong, I loved him completely when I first saw him - the kind of love that made me cry every time I looked at him because I couldn't believe this little bundle of awesomness was ours - but I kept expecting someone to come get him and say thanks for babysitting.
    4. Me and all the ladies at our Bible study are praying for you, Pat and Sam.
    Can't wait to meet you and your little bundle of joy.

  5. Of course, you will love him. God gave him to you. He will also give you the love for him. I love him already and I am away down here. I am going to text you tomorrow about a good date for me to come. We have no way of knowing if he will come on time, of course and I don't want to miss him. Lots of people asked about you this weekend. I love all three of you. xoxo

  6. It's a love that I can't even describe. It's a love from God, and you know His love, it is massive, it is unconditional, it is more than tongue can tell.

    You are going to be a mother the instant you hold him. You are going to give him your heart the second you look at him. You, my girl, are going to be mush. And there isn't a better feeling in the entire world.

    Hugs and prayers.

    not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone,
    but still miraculously my own.
    never forget for a single minute,
    you didn't grown under my heart - but in it

  7. Can't wait to meet little Sam Patrick Labelle... been praying for you three and waiting and watching expectantly to see what God is about to do in your lives. I think this is only the tip of the iceberg, Jeremiah 29:11 always reminds us that God's ways are not our ways, His plans are not our plans but BETTER much better than we could ever imagine!!

  8. Yes, I believe that Pat will be fantastic Dad and that you Janelle will be fantastic mother. This will be a gift from the Lord. When we look at ourselves, we are all adopted in God's family and God loves every one of His adopted children. If He entrusts you with an adopted child, your job will be to follow God's example. Of course you will love your little son. He will be yours, part of you and a gift from God. What a blessing! God chose you to look after one of His own. What a privilege. Love you guys and sharing in this great joy with you. Children are a blessing from the Lord. Tante Doe.