Wednesday, October 19, 2011


i'm in halifax again! 
sam and i flew in last night, were greeted by a beautiful posse of awesome people, and then went to the ultra-gorgeous Sweet Hereafter for another round of hugs, presents, and general mayhem.

(ps pumpkin maple cheesecake is actually more delicious than it sounds.)

impressions so far:
i have the best, lovingest, most relaxed family in the world.  home is - well, home.
the trees are so so so lovely.  i've missed the radiant reds and oranges of an east coast fall.  
my parents make me feel like a better person.  i love being around them. 
halifax is a good place to run into people you know - lunching, shopping, happy hellos!
samjam will not go hugless while his cousins and aunties are around.
i have the world's prettiest sisters.  hands down.

and there you have it :).  i'll write more (and share pics!) when i get a sec.


  1. yay! i didn't know that you were enroute! can't wait to see you this weekend, friend.

  2. glad you're having fun! miss you!