Thursday, November 10, 2011

nanowrimo live

so today is the tenth day of nanowrimo.  TENTH!

and i'm still going.

i'm ridiculously pleased.  i struggle with continuing; perseverance isn't my strong point.  but i'm determined that nanowrimo won't defeat me.

actually, i've learned a few things (and other people always say these, but i guess i mean i've learned them for myself).

1. even if you get stuck, if you write through it, it will get better.
2. it's not that hard writing 50000 words in a month.  even with a busy life.
3. sometimes it takes a few sucky chapters before you hit your stride and start writing well.
4. no matter what you've got planned for your characters, sometimes they just take the reins and do what they want.

also, i love to listen to classical music while i write, and i've discovered that my music player has a sense of humor.  at sam's bedtime, it played brahm's lullaby; when he was suffering through a much-hated bowl of peas, it played allegri's miserere mei; and when he finally fell asleep after fighting a nap, it played handel's hallelujah chorus.  :D

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