Thursday, April 5, 2012

why i love supernanny.

yesterday, while sam was napping, i watched an old episode of supernanny.

i love that show.

jo is really warm and caring, but also no-nonsense.  she calls things as she sees them.  for example, in yesterday's episode, the little girl was making excuses, and jo told the mom to call her on her lies.  the mom goes (with a shocked face): "she's FOUR!"  as if four year olds don't lie. jo was like, a lie is a lie. no nonsense, little people are people too, and people lie.

in another clip, the mom was yelling at her kids who were yelling right back.  jo goes, "someone has to be the adult here.  i suggest it be you."  which is a bit of a slap in the face, but a very necessary one.

this morning, sam was kind of out-of-sorts.  he had been up a lot in the night (missing his aunt katie, i bet), and so this morning was not a great one.  i made him his favourite breakfast, and at the first bite he growled at me, and spat it out.  all over his freshly-laundered sweater.

i had made his favourite breakfast!  what more could i do?!  i wanted to growl too, but just as i was about to, i heard the following echo in my mind: "someone has to be the adult here.  i suggest it be you."

so instead of being angry with the jam, i wiped him up happily with smiles and silly talk, and gave him some sliced fruit, which he gobbled gladly.  no temper tantrum, no spitting.  all was well.

a cheerful heart is good medicine.  <3


  1. Well said Janelle :)
    Super nanny is awesome!

    Have you read the Christian book Loving the little years? It's a good read for mommies of young ones.

  2. Aw, I miss my little Sam-Jam, too. Bravo for you for not responding - I'm sure that it must be an intense challenge!

  3. I love, "supernanny" too!!! I often sit down and enjoy it while the boys are napping.
    If you're ever in Ottawa for a visit, we'll have to have a "supernanny" marathon.