Thursday, March 14, 2013

three happinesses

yesterday bloomed with three happinesses - maybe the sweetest little joys i've known in a very long time.

i was making supper, and sam brought his chair over to see what i was doing.  when he climbed up beside me, he put his arms up, so i picked him up to show him the tomato sauce i was scooping onto the peppers.  he put his hands on my face and smiled big into my eyes, so i took him to the table to sit and talk for a minute.  he played with my hair - pulling it in front of my eyes, then finding me again - and laughed so happy and glad.  he was so gentle and content to sit still - a rare and delicious thing for sam!

supper was cooking away in the oven, and i was feeding vava.  sam climbed up on my knee, pointed with delight at the kitchen, and said "hot!"  yes - the stove is hot, because mama is making supper.  a big, satisfied grin spread across his face.  "papa!" he laughed.  yes, dear boy.  supper means papa, and papa means all sorts of awesomeness. 

the evening was bursting with sun and blue-sky, so we went for a walk.  patrick pushed the stroller along the not-so-cooperative snowy sidewalks, and i carried vava snuggled in her snowsuit and sling.  on the way home, she fell asleep against me, her cheek on my shoulder, one hand on my chest and the other snuggled up between us.  the precious weight of her, all trusting and asleep, was too dear to bear.

and now i'm sitting here writing this, and vava is laughing with a growly giggle and i can't stop thinking about something one of my friends wrote yesterday -
this life is good, and i don't want to waste a minute.


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