Monday, March 4, 2013


dear sam.  darling boy.
today, you are two!
i can't quite believe it.  wasn't it just a few short months ago we met for the first time?  you were so small - and strong, from the first minute, lifting yourself and the doctor's eyebrows all at once.

this is what you're like today ...
you wake up enthusiastic to get out of your crib.  (yes, you're still in the crib.  we tried to switch - but you really weren't a big fan of your toddler bed.  but that's another story.)  first, you want to say hi to baby vava (you call her vava now!  when she was newborn, you called her aggie, then awwa, and now vava - well done, son!) and you smother her with hugs and kisses.  she loves it.
then you ask for papa.  if it's the weekend, you run to him for hugs and a wrestle.  if it's a weekday, i tell you papa is at work, taking care of us - and you clap and say "yay!"  you're so proud of him.  and he's so proud of you.

at least once a day, we talk about how incredible you are.  the things you can do totally astonish us.

i don't think i kicked a ball until i was told to in gym class.
you set up training drills for yourself and practice skills.  i don't even know how you know about these!
yesterday, for example, you put your soccer ball in the middle of the hallway.  you backed up to the end, then ran at the ball and kicked it, trying to keep it beside you until you came to the wall.  then you set it up again and repeated. 
yes.  you're awesome.

you love to talk on the phone, but you don't say much.  you just hold the phone and grin and sometimes try to share your snack or kisses with whoever is on the line.

you can climb up into your highchair all by yourself.  (and oh, the proud smile you give us every time!)  you're just figuring out how to play the harmonica, but you've already mastered the recorder - that one shrill note, anyway.  you like to play the triangle, you dear thing, and of course you love the drums best of all.

more than anything, though, you love cars.  the toys.  the movies.  stickers.  but you freaked out the other day when i put a mater tattoo on your hand (you asked for it - i didn't think you'd like it, but we tried anyway).  and you love crashes.  you watch russian dash-cam crash videos on youtube, and you copy the crashes with your toy cars.

i hope you grow up to be an insanely safe driver.

every night before bed, papa reads to you from the Jesus storybook bible.  you love it.  especially the giant.  you open to the goliath page and laugh a big mean laugh "HA HA HA!"  it's so funny and dear.

you like to blow cheerios across your highchair tray.  strawberries are your favourite food, and you also love grapes and cheese-cars, and sausages dipped in mustard.  and pad thai - last week, you ate four bowls of pad thai for supper!  you refuse milk, accept water, and love juice.

you love helping mama with the dishes.  mostly, you play with the rinse-water, but yesterday you did the cutest thing.  you picked up a clean bottle, filled it from the tap, and ran to papa to give him a drink.  you did this over and over again until the dishes were all done and mama made you stop.

you call yourself 'you', and, if pressed, say that your name is 'sin.' hehe. you're usually quick to say thank you and please, and lately you've even adopted the adorable "weppum!" (you're welcome) into your frequent phrases.

i pray that you will always be as loving and thankful and energetic as you are today.  i pray that God will help us to guide your energy and treasure your love every day.  i pray that your loving birth parents will be glad to see you grow into the dear boy you are becoming.  we all love you, sam.

happy birthday!


  1. LOVE THIS! And the dear boy himself! Cant believe he's two, what a wonderful two yrs its been! -Chrissy

  2. LOVE THIS! And the dear boy himself! Cant believe he's two, what a wonderful two yrs its been! -Chrissy

  3. So special. Beautiful Mama, just beautiful.
    Happy Birthday Sam! :)

  4. why do I have tears?? Such a sweet capture of his present self at 2 years... I love this boy and haven't even met him... you do such a wonderful job sharing him with the rest of us through your posts. Happy Birthday dear Sam! x0x