Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days

Bag #1 from my bookshelf ... which is actually pretty nice now that it's not drowning in junk.


  1. Don't you just breathe easier looking at a tidied, emptied, reorganized space? Aaah.

    Are you doing this as an exercise counting down to Easter? I JUST read an interesting post about Lent (which I've never observed) that takes a cool angle that I've never really considered before. When I noticed the 40 bags/40 days, I was curious. Do share, friend! xo

    1. Thanks Katie! I was inspired by Danielle at mysmalltornado,com, who found the idea at White House Black Shutters -
      It's a lent-style exercise of letting the clutter go :). I'm so glad to have some structure/guidance in refreshing our place - I think I stop seeing the clutter after a while, so this is a good chance to open my eyes and actually look at our space. Yesterday was such a win - Patrick came home and immediately noticed and loved the change. That made me really happy :).