Friday, March 21, 2014

1481 to 1490

1481. Sam and Vava laughing for the sheer pleasure of playing outside.
1482. Talking with my sister this morning.
1483. Being cared for by my mama even when I'm this old and this far away (hello Melaleuca vitamins :) ).
1484. Vava eating a carrot&blackberry popsicle without making a mess.
1485. Rocking both kids and singing for a while this morning. Mmm.
1486. Being inspired to declutter the entire desk instead of just a few drawers ...
1487. The grown-up realization that what I'm most proud of in my day is always whatever required the most effort.
1488. Patrick cuddling with Sam at bedtime, and falling asleep with him.
1489. Tucking Vava into a freshly made bed.
1490. Singing with the kids before goodnight kisses.

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