Tuesday, September 14, 2010


i was feeling sick tonight, and craving something salty. i really didn't want to walk through the dark and marshy shortcut to superstore, nor did i want to take the 4km trip on the sidewalk at 1030 at night. i was sick. i just wanted to stay home. but i really really wanted something salty to settle my stomach.

so i made some slim.

(slim: the luscious marriage of whipped potato and flour, fried in butter and topped with salt.)

one minute i was standing in my kitchen, woefully nauseous and homesick ... the next minute i was sitting in nana's kitchen, taking a piece of slim off her brown-rimmed stoneware plates. she was standing at the stove in a 1970s-print apron, flipping more delectable goodness on a cast-iron skillet. my sisters and brother and i were not arguing, reading archies, or breaking the spines of l.m. montgomeries ... we were eating. silently, saltily, butterily. and thanking God in our innermost hearts that we had an old-fashioned irish grandmother who was dishing up platefuls of piping hot potato magic, as fast as we could eat it.

i love you, nana. thanks for making me feel better, a thousand miles and twenty years away.


  1. you're my favourite writer ever. if you write a book, i will buy it. and read it again and again and again until it falls apart :) and then i will glue it back together and read it to our children.

  2. Oh, yummmmm. Slim is so un-PC. The fat-gram-counters hate it, the South Beach dieters hate it...it lacks the pop-shazam of pizza and the decadent allure of chocolate and the indulgent glam of cake and the nonchalant crunch of Doritos. Just potatoes and butter and salt that leaves you wishing you were a cow so you could have four stomachs...
    Oh, everything becomes so simple when you have a big plate of slim.

  3. mmmm...slim, archies, and l.m. montgomery :)

  4. I don't think that Nana got to eat much slim while we were growing up. It was eaten almost as fast as she could fry it. Yummm!!!

  5. your family fascinates me and Patrick's comment is the cutest ever! yay for slim!!