Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the spider

for the past month, patrick and i have been taking apple cider vinegar: two teaspoons in water, three times a day. we (affectionately?) call it spider, much to the electrification of our company, who hear us nonchalantly asking one another if we would like a spider.

mama c & papa g recommended it to us, and passed along a book outlining all the good benefits that come from taking daily doses of spider. their friend, a nutritionist, recommended it to them. when i read the book, i kind of laughed. it seemed like snake oil - full of magical promises to cure everything from warts to acne to dandruff.

but i figured - why not give it a shot? the most it will cost is a few bucks and a few puckers.

so we hoofed it to bulk barn and bought some organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. apparently it's got all the goodness in it when it's kind of cloudy and murky looking. mmm, delicious. ( i didn't - and don't - really think it's delicious).

it's pretty puckery, but it gives the nicest little flare in the belly first thing in the morning that totally wakes me up. :) patrick takes his mixed with pure maple syrup in a glass of water; i take mine in a shot and chase it with water. we're both wimps in our own way: he tries to sweeten the bitter, and i try to get it over with as quickly as possible.

within a week or two, my skin had cleared up - completely. acne is one of the most annoying aspects of pcos, and i've been trying to manage it with medication which helped, but didn't totally eliminate it. not only was my skin acne-free, it was smooth and i didn't need lotion ... wahoo! i haven't changed anything else in my lifestyle, so i think it's safe to credit the spider with the improvement.

after a few weeks of enjoying luscious new skin, i started wondering if this has helped other people with pcos. so i googled, and found that there is a TON of research on the spider's effects on pcos ... all of them ranging from mildly to wildly positive.

so i'm pretty pumped about the spider. our bulk barn ran out, and patrick's aunt drove us to a health store on the far side of town. we bulked up and bought three bottles - which should hold us over for a while!! :) we had to go for a few days without it, and i really noticed the difference. boo to that. when we noticed our supply running thin, patrick stopped taking it and let me spin it out as long as possible. i am married to a very good man.

anyway, i'm totally not a remedy-of-the-month-er, but i thought i'd share. i know i've got a few pcosy readers, and i'd love to know how it goes, if you try it. as for me, i give it two thumbs up (i'd give it more, but that's all i have).


  1. you're not married to that good of a man, unfortunately. i was glad to go without for a few days. uuugh.

  2. "as for me, i give it two thumbs up (i'd give it more, but that's all i have)."

    ... that sentence made my night :)

    mom has been taking "spider" for a few years, and it's done wonders for her. after hearing of positive pcos results, i'm willing to give it a shot, too.

    thanks j-diddle - and p.s. i miss you!

  3. wow, I'm so excited that you've actually decided to try the stuff and are actually hooked!
    when I first presented the book to Pat he threatened to read it as a book and write a report on it. I guess he still can do this but it just doesn't lend itself well to that type of study.
    Nevertheless, deep down inside I felt that it just might help with your PCOS and so did Papa Gerry! After a while you actually acquire a liking to the taste of it. We both drink it in a glass of water and sip it and enjoy it.
    We love adding it to tomato juice or apple or orange juice. I like what it does to me but I'll likely tell you in private ;-)
    So looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

  4. I take the "spider too." I have lost 6 pounds since I started it about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Also I no longer have plugged ears every morning. I drink it in a glass of water and have learned to really enjoy it. I am so happy for you. xoxo. :-)