Monday, November 15, 2010

grand opening weekend and things i'm thankful for

we opened for business on thursday, and people were bursting down the doors.  it was like a tickle-me-elmo-christmas-crush ... for furniture.
for four days, the population of thunder bay streamed into our store in droves. 
it was insanity. 
we were working 15 hour days, with not even time for breaks.  customers were amazingly patient with us, because we're all in training - but even so, the stress was intense.  i've never managed before.  agh.
by saturday, the lack of sleep and immensity of the workload made my neck ache.  it was still hurting yesterday, and today at work, the girls were telling me i didn't look too great. 
so they told my boss i was going to the clinic, another manager drove me there, and i walked in.
within 5 minutes, i was standing at the pharmacy counter with my prescription in hand.
i've never had a shorter visit in a clinic.  i'm so glad to have such amazing coworkers who take care of me even when i'm too blind to take care of myself.
then patrick tucked me into bed and did the laundry while i slept ... and is making me supper while i type.
so blessed.


  1. hey dude. i love you and your coworkers... you know, the ones who ork your cows.

  2. I am so glad you have great co workers. They obviously appreciate quality. Hug them all for your Momma.

  3. I freaking miss you. Guess who it is.

  4. hi Janelle, sure hope you're feeling better by now! So glad you're enjoying your new job but I hope things will start to settle down and beome more "normal"...
    Take care dear girl, praying for you xox