Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i'll be home for christmas ...

if only in my dreams.

i admit it.  i miss my family.  i wish i was snuggled up with my nieces, drinking hot chocolate, listening to their stories about school and friends and what they want for christmas.  i wish my nephew was telling me, in his adorable breathless way, about his dirt bike and what he wants to do with it in the summer.  i wish my sisters were making chai tea and planning sledding dates with my mom and dad.  i wish we were putting up twinkly lights and complaining about the shopping traffic in bayers lake.  i wish we were listening to kenny and dolly and boney m and patrick complaining about it. 

i wish i was at home with my wonderful, beautiful family.

i miss you.


  1. oh darling. i miss good old halifax christmas too. bayer's lake traffic, dolly parton, chinese food for christmas dinner, and everything :)
    let's make this one special too. :)

  2. aww, Patrick you're so sweet! I hope Christmas will be as sweet as you make it! Dad and I are looking forward to spending it with you!

  3. awwww...ok, i really didn't expect the "bayers lake traffic" one. it really is horrible! But, i guess it really is a part of Christmas in Halifax. We have a new girl working at LC's and she reminds me of you. :( it makes me happy and sad at the same time :() Yesterday morning our back yard was completely covered with little black birds all pecking a the spriggy grass. I mean completely covered. Marcella was so fascinated. Then they all flew over to our neighbour's yard. It was so cool. and it made me think of you. xoxo

  4. Awww! Janelley! I miss you and all the things that are connected to you and Christmas like shopping and making cards and all kinds of neat things. I miss walking to Starbucks and window shopping. But this year you will make some new memories. You and Patrick will be the hosts and you will make delicious food like German pancakes and yummy soups. I am envious of Gerry and Carole getting to spend Christmas with you. Maybe next year it will be our turn. I love you oceans!!