Wednesday, November 3, 2010

winnipeg: day three

another day.  today i learned how to do some more reports, some scheduling, and some finalizing of orders.

i also learned how to take a little bit of a stand, and not let one of my girls - who is awesome, but strongly opinionated - push me around.  which is cool.  i wasn't mean or anything, but i didn't reward pushiness with compliance.

after work, we went out to sushi cushi, which was cute & fun, and then to the movies to see social network.  it was good to just totally relax and enjoy the movie without thinking about work or stress about inter-office-cliques or anything like that.  also, it was free popcorn & pop night ... sweet!

thanks for praying for us.  i need more wisdom and patience than i possess! 

sweet dreams, all!


  1. i love you, you sweet thing!!!
    you're doing awesome!
    i'm so proud of you!
    come home soon, k?

  2. Don't we all need more patience and wisdom than we possess?!! ..praying for you and thinking of you and your sweet amazing, fabulous-book-writing husband. Love you both!xo

  3. Hey Janelle, I didn't even know you had access to your blog until now! So glad I got to read about your awesome journey (except for the puking part) and the (road kill).
    Love that you're being treated like a manager cuz you are and Dad and I both know that you'll do just fine in this position and you get to manage a brand new store too! We are proud of you and are so thankful and amazed at how God goes before you every step of your journey!

  4. "who is awesome"? hmm lol. come home we miss you!