Tuesday, February 8, 2011


less than five weeks. 
i can't believe it.  we watched a movie with a baby in it tonight.  the parents were laughing at their own mistakes and trying to learn how to take care of her.  falling head over heels in love with her.  it's killing me to think that will be us - us! - in little more than a month.
i can't wait to see patrick become a dad.  he's so surprising and fun and gentle.  i can't wait to see our baby nestling in his arms, sleeping and trustful. 
patrick is so kind.  and ready to laugh.  and quick to notice things.  i think he will be careful and relaxed.  i think he will be awesome.  i just have this picture in my mind of him bringing our baby in from the cold, unwrapping him from his coat, pulling off his hat.  the baby's hair will be sticking up all over the place, and patrick will smooth it down and kiss the top of his sweet little fluffy head.
it kills me.  i can't wait to watch my smart, thoughtful, friend and husband turn into a dad.

 the glory of children are their fathers.  proverbs 17:6


  1. hey dude, i don't see myself smoothing down his hair... maybe i'll smooth it up into a fauxhawk or spike it or something, though ;)

  2. I agree with you, Janelle. Patrick will be a wonderful, loving father. I am so excited for both of you.Can't wait to see you all next month!

  3. There is nothing great than seeing your husband become a father. Every time I see Chris and Simon my heart melts a little more. And to Patrick's comment earlier, Chris had Simon's hair in a fauxhawk for the first month + of his life (until most of his baby hair fell out and the buzz cut grew in). You two will be wonderful parents. Enjoy your last few weeks together of sitting and waiting because that time will fly :)
    Love Courtney

  4. Praying for you xox

  5. Yes, I believe that Pat will be fantastic Dad and that you Janelle will be fantastic mother. This will be a gift from the Lord. When we look at ourselves, we are all adopted in God's family and God loves every one of His adopted children. If He entrusts you with an adopted child, your job will be to follow God's example. Of course you will love your little son. He will be yours, part of you and a gift from God. What a blessing! God chose you to look after one of His own. What a privilege. Love you guys and sharing in this great joy with you. Tante Doe.

  6. I can't wait to see you guys as parents.

    I wanted to spike Mac's hair into a fauxhawk pretty much from birth, but he didn't have hair till he was one, so I couldn't. Fauxhawk away and enjoy :)

  7. This is so exciting!!!! Is there a post that explains everything? I'd love to read it!

  8. hey carrie,
    there is, check out a post titled "our news" - dec. 28th.
    and thanks! :) xo