Friday, February 11, 2011

this is an intervention

a week ago, i started taking medication to induce lactation.  i'm hoping to breastfeed our little stranger when he makes his way into the world, so i'm popping pills at an astonishing rate and getting set for his arrival.
in some ways, it mimics pregnancy in my body, so i find myself sleepy and weepy late at night.  when i make it to late-at-night.  i'm puttering along, and all of a sudden find myself unable to move, i'm so sleepy.
patrick patiently takes me to bed, tucks me in, and hangs out in the living room until he's tired. 
last night he came into the room and met a crazy person.

i don't remember anything that you will read below.  when i woke up this morning, i had a vague feeling that i had been cranky when he came to bed, but that was it.

he opened our bedroom door, and i sat bolt upright in bed.  what's going on?  what is it?  i demanded, panting, and looking around wildly.
he apologized for disturbing me and said he was just coming to bed.  i threw my leg across his side of the bed and said he wasn't allowed to come to bed.  this is an intervention.  you need to learn you can't keep me up all night.
he laughed, and then patiently explained that i could go to bed as early as i wanted, and could sleep in as late as i wanted, and he really wasn't keeping me up all night.
with that, i rolled over huffily and let my longsuffering husband get into bed.

i cried with laughter when he told me this morning.  this is an intervention?  where does that even come from?


  1. I'm so glad you're doing this!! I'd seen a woman doing this once when I watched a Baby Story (which I don't recommend watching b/c there are a lots of crazies on the show) but this one woman was having a baby through a surrogate and she was taking pills to induce lactation. It's awesome that you get to do that!
    That being said, if these pills are giving you pregnancy/lactation hormones, be prepared for BIZARRE dreams too. That happened to me a LOT...

    YAY YOU!!!

  2. Oh, my crazy daughter! I love you. I am so glad that you have such a patient , loving husband. He is so precious!

  3. this is a hilarious story! Sarah (my sis) is the same way when she sleeps. She used to always say and do weird things when she was sleeping!