Monday, February 28, 2011

things i love about thunder bay

1) it's usually sunny.  this is awesome, because even if the ground is covered in ice and snow, i can open the curtains, turn up the heat, eat some coconut jelly and pretend i'm in the tropics.  it's really sunny.

2) even though it gets dark unusually early in the winter, it doesn't last long.  already we're not seeing the sun set until 7pm and i love that.

3) our church family is amazing.  we've been so spoiled and loved.  people keep giving us things for the baby - nice things, that we adore.  and they seem as genuinely excited to meet him as we are :D.

4) it's small enough that you can get anywhere you want to go very quickly.  even walking.  believe me, i know ;).

5) cheap rent.  :D  hooray!

6) there are lots of fun things to do outside.  hiking, swimming, climbing, wading ... and even ice slides.  coolest slides ever (although a bit scary/steep/fast in the dark).

7) there is some beautiful scenery.  evidence: photo below.

8) it's in the middle of the country.  that means you should pretty much come visit me no matter where you're going.  i'm central.  ;)

9) patrick's in it.  (no, seriously.  i wouldn't want to be anywhere without him.  he makes life nice, and fun, and wonderful.)

10) sam.  three days til our ray of sunshine is due!

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