Thursday, March 24, 2011

meet sam

sam is a sweet little nugget.  he likes soft blankets, curling his feet up against his chest, and music.  he likes looking at things.

he is also a mischievous monkey.  today i caught pee in my hand, because sam likes to wait for a diaper change to spray his mama.

he's sociable.  he loves to be around people, even when he's asleep. 

he likes noise - sleeps blissfully, even when the vacuum cleaner is rumbling beside his bed.

he likes to wake up in the middle of the night, and needs a good two hours of burping and cuddling before going back to bed.  this is not okay, so we're working on it.

he loves his grandmothers.

he adores cuddling on aunt angele.

he makes sweet little noises and even murmurs in his sleep - something tells me this kid is going to be a chatterbox. 

he likes his green soother better than his blue one, and he has already learned the sign language for food.

he loves being on his belly.  and he loves napping next to papa on the floor.  he's amazing. 


  1. the sam and papa photo is the cutest! i love how he's developing an adorable personality already...

  2. oh, my heart! What a precious little guy.

  3. I love this Janelle. Nice to meet you Sam!! <3