Tuesday, March 15, 2011

three wheel bliss

our little sam is here.
and he's perfect.
he loves to cuddle.  and he has the cutest little way of snuggling the top of his head up under my chin - i just love him.
he has super long toes.  a tiny little chin.  sweet little lips.  and hair that smells like all the good things in the world.

and i'm finding myself doing really weird things ... like not minding that he spat up a little on me tonight.  (HA!  baby puke used to gross me out.)  and talking in the babiest of baby talk.  and being grateful for four hours of sleep. 

i think sam is going to be so good for us.  :)
photos courtesy of victoria brundage.  thanks victizzle!


  1. hey little chicken, i'm so glad you two are finally home. thanks so much for being so tough and bearing with the nonsense.
    sam is the super best ever!

  2. So adorable! I hope your mom brings back a photo album full of pictures of your sweet little family so we can all ohhh and awww at them ;-)

  3. Janelle, words can't describe how incredible this is! I'm thrilled for you guys.
    lots of love and prayers,
    Gwen xo

  4. I read this and it brought a tear of happiness to my eye :)